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Katie Price's husband Kieran Hayler gives details of affair with Jane Poutney

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Katie Price and her husband Kieran Hayler are no more. The English celebrity, business woman, and former glamour model lashed out at both her husband and former best friend Jane Poutney on the social media network site Twitter after reading the details of Hayler's tell all interview. Price tweeted that her husband and former best friend had been continuing their tryst through France and that they had encounters in her house even when she was home. She denounced the pair as "lying and cheating".

Katie's estranged husband Hayler revealed details of the affair while speaking to The Sun. He confessed that he and Jane Poutney used to meet in car parks for ultra-covert sex sessions. He says they arranged to meet for the first time in late September at the car park of a country club. Kieran says that he went there after work in his Ford Focus and she arrived shortly in her Ford Fiesta. The pair went into Jane's car and they talked as well as kissed for ten minutes. He says that by the time they met for their second rendezvous, the two were engaging in oral sex. Kieran says that he was getting "what he wanted" and at the same time telling Jane "what she needed to hear".

From that point on they developed a routine that remained the same. Kieran would meet up with Jane in a car park, he would get into the passenger seat of her car, and they would engage in sexual relations. The builder and part time stripper detailed how he didn't wear a condom because the lack of protection "added to the risk". He also said they didn't take their clothes off and he had never seen Jane entirely naked. Kieran revealed that he and Jane had engaged in 25 trysts in complete secrecy that occurred in the course of seven months.

Kieran also revealed that one time they had engaged in intercourse at a party on New Year's Eve that was being thrown at Kieran and Katie's shared home. He said that it was one in the morning and he was drunk from drinking "Porn Star" martinis. He headed up to the stables and Jane followed after, where they had sex standing up. The builder also went into detail about how he believed Jane was trying to emulate Katie, stating how her appearance was becoming "more based on Katie's". He said that Poutney had begun to wear tracksuit bottoms, little jumpers, and tight leggings just like his wife. Kieran also said that Jane would tell him that he was "just another guy' to Price and that she treated him poorly.

Kieran also opened up about the time where Katie caught the pair in the act in April while their two families and Jane's husband Derrick were vacationing in Cape Verde. Kieran and Katie had been out with their children in the evening. Kieran told his wife that he was going to get another drink but didn't return, staying out with the resort owner and getting upset with himself. He said that he wanted to stop the affair because he had "a feeling' that his wife was expecting a second baby and that Jane's apparel of hot pants and bikinis but lack of spending time with the couple seemed odd to the business woman. Regardless, he sent Jane a text message to meet him on the beach where they began to kiss. Jane had put her hands down Kieran's pants when Katie appeared on the beach "out of nowhere" and began yelling at Jane and Kieran.

Sure enough, Katie discovered shortly after the family trip that she was expecting her fifth child. Just days later, Price announced her divorce from Kieran. Her husband Derrick decried the whole affair as a "storm in a teacup", but Jane confirmed the affair later. Many celebrities have come out to support Katie, including Alex Reid, former lover of Price, who claimed that Jane had been flirtatious with him as well during his relationship with Price.

For his part, Kieran has backpedaled from the affair by largely trying to blame it on his wife's best friend, saying that she "made" him do it. Kieran said that he "hates" Jane and while he blames himself a lot, he feels like she is the one who has done this to the family and that she's supposed to be Katie's best friend and hasn't apologized. Kieran has admitted that he has had a difficult time bonding with his infant son Jett and turned to Jane instead of working on their relationship. The builder says he's trying to save his marriage but knows he has broken his wife and has almost ruined it but says he has no idea if his wife will forgive him. Source Huffington Post and Mirror.