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Katie Maloney on her boyfriend's beer dumping: 'I was humiliated'

Katie Maloney in her cast photo for Bravo's 'Vanderpump Rules.'

Katie Maloney and her boyfriend Tom Schwartz got into an all-out war on the streets of Cabo on Monday night's episode of Vanderpump Rules. The pair, who seem to be pretty drama-free in most cases, engaged in a heated debate after Tom bought fellow SUR employee Scheana Marie a drink.

In her blog, Katie addressed the fight -- and revealed how she felt when her boyfriend poured a beer over her head.

"My dilemma with my Tom buying Scheana a drink was that he is my boyfriend. I don't need him to fight my battles or be rude to anyone just because I have an issue. However, being that I am his girlfriend, he should have my back in a way that maintains his own agenda but also respects me," Katie explained in her Bravo blog on Jan. 6. "The reason I got so upset was because I felt that he was more concerned with Scheana's comfort rather than my own."

Tom, from what fans have seen, is quite the people pleaser, so while he surely wasn't purposefully trying to anger his girlfriend by purchasing the drink, he wasn't being aware of her feeling either, which is what led to the issue. In Tom's mind, he was simply being friendly, but in Katie's, he was being disrespectful to her.

"I grew even more upset when it escalated into a fight on the street, resulting in getting a beer poured over me by my own boyfriend. I was humiliated in front of my friends and everyone else who witnessed it," Katie explained. "I was in complete shock when Tom poured a drink on my head. I couldn't believe our fight had gotten that out of control. I hate having to relive this moment in my head. It's completely uncharacteristic of Tom and I and felt destroyed."

Luckily, the pair have since reconciled and remain in a committed relationship, but as fans know by know, there is surely more drama on the way between Katie, Tom, and the rest of the cast.

To see it all as it happens, be sure to tune into Vanderpump Rules every Monday night at 9/8c.

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