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Katie Holmes spits from Yang partnership

Designers Jeanne Yang and Katie Holmes
Photo by John Shearer

Katie Holmes and stylist Jeanne Yang are going their separate ways, and the Holmes & Yang clothing design partnership is no longer in business. A rep for Holmes has confirmed the action, reported People magazine on Sunday, March 2.

The pair first displayed their comfortable-yet-stylish clothing line in 2009, and they lured in celebrities such as Amy Adams, Olivia Wilde and Nicole Richie as customers. The designs made a splash at Fashion Week in 2012.

But the rigors of working together came to be too much, personally, for the Holmes & Yang partnership. They began to disagree about different things – not so much the designs themselves, but other details and overviews, from promotion to how to run the business. Even their ways of approaching the press were in conflict.

“They have different approaches to absolutely everything,” revealed a source with inside knowledge on the problems. “It is much better that they go their separate ways now.” The source went on: “The conflict isn’t about any one thing, it’s sort of about everything.”

Perhaps the comfort theme was not coming through, especially to the people most involved. Celebrity style is not usually built around being comfortable, anyway.

No word is available about the future. It is possible that either or both partners may decide to go it alone, Or not.

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