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Katie Holmes lands a $10 million tell-all book deal

Katie Holmes’s 12 month contract is almost over and when it is, Holmes is out of her confidentiality divorce clause from Tom Cruise. That means Katie, 34, can officially sign on the dotted line on her $10 million book deal. According to Woman’s Day, Katie is ready to “blow the lid off” all the dirt surrounding Cruise. That means, all of his “closely guarded secrets” are set to be revealed.

NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 13: Katie Holmes attends Marvel Universe LIVE! NYC World Premiere on August 13, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images for Feld Entertainment)
Photo by Rob Kim

It is rumored the book will discuss things like Tom’s obsession with Scientology, his three failed marriages, and even his sexuality; all things that have been the subject of speculation since he starred in “Risky Business.”

A publishing insider from the company tells Woman’s Day the working title of the book is “Katie Holmes: Living a Lie.”

Book agent James Alexander told Woman’s Day, “Everyone wants to know if their relationship was a marriage of convenience, whether she was asked to sign a contract like the one Nicole Kidman allegedly signed, whether Tom is Suri’s real father, her experiences regarding Tom’s sexuality and why she suddenly snapped and fled with Suri.”

Some sources feel that Katie will never reveal Tom’s most intimate secrets because she’s just not that type of person. She isn’t going to trash the father of her daughter, Suri.

What do you think – is Katie Holmes really writing a book about Tom Cruise or is the subject about her live as a whole? Will you read it?

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