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Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise reportedly fought over religious decisions for Suri

Katie and Suri Cruise were close even back in 2008
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A mother’s love for a child is a beautiful thing. Nothing can come between them; including religion and husband in some cases. It is also no secret religious beliefs can bring relationships together and strengthen them or it can tear those involved apart. In a recent report from TMZ disagreement over a religious decision regarding little Suri may have been the final straw to break the back in the unexpected divorce announcement from Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise.

According to the report from TMZ a source close to Katie revealed that Tom and Katie had been fighting over a decision to send Suri to a scientology boot camp at sea (aptly named Sea Org). There are rumors the boot camp is more military in style than some might like. Tom, always the scientology supporter was reportedly for the idea and Katie, who came into scientology after getting together with Tom was not. The report goes on to say that Katie felt she had not choice, she had to protect her daughter. Of course, this report appears to be pretty one sided and there may be more to come from the other side. This column will do it’s best to keep you update on the story.

As mentioned earlier a mother’s love for a child knows no bounds. When photos are taken of Suri, Katie always appears to be very close to her daughter. This could be a likely reason. If so this argument between the couple has been going on for quite some time because it has also been reported Katie had leased a NY apartment before she filed the papers. Also as reported by multiple television gossip shows it has been sometime since the public has seen Katie and Tom together on the red carpet.

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