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Katie Herzig plays the Troubadour and talks Walk Through Walls

Katie Herzig, Heidi Ross

Singer/songwriter Katie Herzig just released her fifth album, Walk Through Walls, and embarked on a cross-country tour of the same name. The fourth stop of the tour took place at the iconic Troubadour in West Hollywood.

Herzig took the same stage that’s been played by some of the greats like Bob Dylan, James Taylor, and Joni Mitchell. “I think the first time or two I played it I was thinking a lot about the history of it,” she admitted. Herzig’s performance was just as captivating as her predecessors taking fans on an emotional roller coaster with music from her five studio albums. The intimate performance covered tons of ground and a culmination of sound including dance, folk, pop, rock, and even electronic. Her live show speaks multitudes to Herzig’s capabilities as both a performer and songwriter. While she has gotten used to life on the road, Herzig joked that, “the key challenge has become..finding a good meal that’s healthy.”

In addition to her live shows, Herzig’s been very successful with her licensing company Secret Road. Her songs have been played in commercials, movie trailers, and several television shows. This has no doubt been a tool to bring more attention to the music. She states, “if they love the show, or if they love that moment in the show, there’s… this really strong emotional connection to a song instantaneously.” Herzig gushed about the experience of hearing one of her own songs on the big screen saying that, “nothing feels quite like the first few times…especially when it’s a show you watch.” For Herzig this was Grey’s Anatomy. “It actually kind of pulled the curtain back,” she joked, “I was like this show’s fake, that’s me and I’m not in the show.”

Although she’s best known for her folky-pop songs, her new album Walk Through Walls takes on more of an electronic style then previous efforts. Herzig said, “it happens with the music I’m influenced by and the tools I have around me…I love that stuff, but I also love organic…mixed with that.” Which is a great way to describe both her album and live show. When asked to pick just one song from the album for fans to listen to, she laughed and gave her top five, “Frequencies, Summer, Forgiveness, Say It Loud, and Drug.”

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