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Kathy Wakile’s daughter has brain surgery: ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ news

Kathy Wakile
Mike McGregor/Getty Images for Cantor Fitzgerald

Victoria Wakile, who is Kathy Wakile’s daughter, recently had brain surgery to remove a tumor. On Monday, the official Twitter account for Kathy shared that Victoria has been recovering well from the surgery. Kathy and Richie plan to attend the Posh Boutique’s fashion show to celebrate the recovery, and the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star has been busy promoting the event.

Victoria had a second brain surgery to remove an obstruction, but she has made an amazing recovery. The 20-year-old’s previous surgery was at the age of 10, and her family was shocked to learn another brain tumor had formed. Victoria had headaches and felt something was wrong before going to the doctor who discovered the tumor had returned.

Despite the health scare two weeks ago, Victoria has already returned to nursing school to pursue her degree. She attends Caldwell College, a private school in New Jersey, and her dream is to become a nurse. The Wakile family explains her own medical issues inspired her to pursue this career because she saw the difference nurses make in the lives of patients every day.

Victoria has shared details of her experience on social media, and she even posted a photograph of the staples in her scalp. The 20-year-old was happy to have them removed as she has made tremendous progress in her recovery. Kathy shares that her daughter is doing better and is focused on her education.

The experience has also affected Kathy who is now posting more information about brain tumors and encouraging her fans to learn about the medical condition. She has thanked the nurses, doctors and her supporters throughout the ordeal as she turned to social media. Victoria has also thanked everyone involved and has shared frequent updates. The 20-year-old is able to drive again, return to work and return to school.

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