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Kathy Thompson-Arguello Dreams of a Safe Life

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Kathy Thompson-Arguello is ready to move her family to a place of safety. She is ready to move away from her husband and start a new life with her children. Her goal i s $8,000. She wants her children to be able to go to school without being bullied. Crowdfunding seems to be her only way out. This is a personal crowdfund with no perks.

Her daughter has been the victim of bullies. She was being bullied so bad that she had to get on medicine for stomach pains. She would come home after school crying and the school did nothing about it. Three days before school was out one of the girls gave my daughter a horrible letter and said the other girl wrote it. Then the school looked surprised when i took the letter to them and showed them. I am just ready to get my kids into a better environment.

Here is what Kathy: We have been together for ten years after the first year his true colors came out. It has continually grown worse over the years. He trys controls everything i do. If my phone rings he gives me the look i have to tell him who it is, has to know what time i do everything. He has smashed up two of my laptop computers. He has ripped off every door off our cabinets in the kitchen i don't even know why he did that. If i can get the money together me and my kids will be in a better place and they will not have to worry if daddy is drunk or in bad mood. I would be so grateful for any help. My parents are both passed away and don't have that support to go to. I don't want my kids to grow up thinking this lifestyle is normal.

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