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Kathy Griffin poses nude: Griffin defies gravity, breasts perky in pool water

Kathy Griffin finds one way to help ease the pain of gravity, have your breasts float in the pool!
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

At 53-years-old Kathy Griffin is still posing nude and looking pretty good while doing so. Griffin has never been one to shy away from the camera when she’s showing a lot of skin, but in her latest pictures she is showing all skin, according to Celebrity Café on June 26.

Celebrity photographer Tyler Shields captured Griffin in all her glory sitting poolside and then again in the water. From the look of her curves and tight body it is very apparent that she works hard at looking as good as she does. Shields posted Kathy's nude photos online to his photography website. They are tastefully done without looking vile or even risque. They look more like art forms.

Griffin could render many who are half her age embarrassed in a side-by-side comparison for not keeping as fit. This funny woman, who is way past middle-age, looks better than some teens in bikinis. She makes no bones about showing off all her assets, even at awards shows.

Kathy showed up at the GLAAD Media Awards in a bikini in 2009, the next year she topped that by wearing a bikini to VH1’s “Divas Salute the Troops” event. Kathy has three new pictures posted on Shields’ photography website, which she linked to from her Twitter account.

One of Griffin’s photos has a man’s hand with a very large pair of scissors in a position that looks like he is going to cut off her tongue. You have to admit, the closeness of those scissors seems to indicate she puts a lot of trust in the guy holding them! The caption reads: “It HAD 2B a MAN hand.”

Proud as she can be about her body, when Shields posted Griffin’s pictures online, she posted a link to Tyler Shields’ website on her Twitter page. This will let her fans take a peak of what she has to offer. The Huffington Post suggests the photos are “amazing.”

One has to wonder if Griffin is hiding that she too is a victim of gravity in one of the pictures. She appears to have nice perky breasts while standing in what looks like breast-height water. Are her boobs floating or are they really not touched at all by gravity in the last 53 years?

The buoyancy awarded by the water can cover up a multitude of droops found on your body as you get older. It looks like Kathy might have figured that out in her breast pose. Sarcasm aside, she looks marvelous!

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