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Kathy Griffin pose: Star poses naked at 53-years-old and looks great doing it

Kathy Griffin
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Kathy Griffin may be 53-years-old but that isn't keeping her from flaunting it and looking amazing while she is doing it. On Thursday, Life & Style shared about the naked photos that she posted recently. About two months ago she sent out a photo of her in a bra but now the comedian has taking it one step further. Even though her talk show was canceled she is enjoying life and looking great.

These naked photos were taken by the pool. She let famous photographer Tyler Shields take the pictures. He is known for taking weird photos. One that he took in in the past was of his girlfriend at the time Francesca Eastwood catching a really expensive handbag on fire.

There are a few nude photos including her on the side of the pool and also in it with her arms stretched up. She also has one photo that is not nude but has her with her tongue sticking out. She has someone holding a pair of scissors over her tongue like they are about to cut it in half.

Kathy went to Twitter sharing the picture of her with her tongue sticking out and the scissors. It was a retweet from Tyler saying that she put her job on the line to let him do this and Kathy joked that it had to be a man hand in the photo. It is obvious that it is the hand of a man due to the size. Fans are responding that you will never keep her quiet and that she was very brave to do that photo. Some people are not fans of this photo.

Kathy Griffin is just enjoying her life at 53-years-old. It is great to see her not being afraid to try new things and ready to face the world. It takes a lot of nerve to be this brave and pose naked at her age.

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