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Kathy Griffin nude Ice Bucket Challenge: Comedian goes nude for ALS

Kathy Griffin, nude during participation in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, has created a lot of buzz. Griffin was naked when she appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” to execute the challenge that had been issued to her. According to a report from E Online from Saturday (Aug. 30), she thought it would be a good idea to up the ante on people that have performed this before.

Comedian Kathy Griffin recently completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge naked.
Photo by Steve Jennings/Getty Images
Kathy Griffin took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to new territory.
Photo by Steve Jennings/Getty Images

It seems that Griffin was nominated by quite a few people that include Suze Orman, Aubrey Plaza, Margaret Cho, and AJ McLean. McLean is from The Backstreet Boys and she showed up (along with Plaza) to help her accomplish the task. They did it as a skit next to the spacious pool at her house and she actually had two buckets of ice water dumped on her head.

To add even more humor to the segment that aired during “Jimmy Kimmel” she pushed McLean into the pool to wrap up the taping. Some viewers might have found it shocking that Griffin decided to do the challenge while she was naked, but that’s the type of comedian that she has always been. Speaking about why she did it that way, she stated that, “I thought I should take it up a notch.”

Kathy Griffin’s nude Ice Bucket challenge participation happens at the same time that she is trying to increase sales of her new comedy album “Look at My Butt Crack.” In the past she has participated in many television shows, including “My Life on the D-List,” “Suddenly Susan,” and “Seinfeld.” Recently she has host or co-host of many events and television specials.