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Kathleen Sebelius thrown under the bus as Obama practically gives her sainthood

Kathleen Sebelius, the secretary of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, resigned on Friday while receiving public praise by President Barack Obama 0 praise which many Americans found to be very dishonestly confusing. The president plans on nominating Sylvia Matthews Burwell, who is presently the director of the Office of Management and Budget, according to a CNN report on Friday.

President Barack Obama praises Kathleen Sebelius, secretary of HHS, as she finally gets out of town.

During Kathleen Sebelius brief tenure at the helm of the Department of Health and Human Services, there is little arguing that she did a disastrous job of running the department. There is no hiding the obvious facts that the Obamacare rollout – the Affordable Care Act rollout - hit more potholes than a Chicago driver trying to navigate the roadways in Chicago these days.

The troubles with the Obamacare website and other issues that kept people from signing up for the new mandated health care law from Oct. 1, 2014 through mid-November of 2014 were incredible. One is hard pressed to think of any private company that wouldn’t give its chief employee a directive to go to the end of a long unemployment line for orchestrating such a mess as Americans witnessed when Obamacare was let out of the gate.

Yet, President Barack Obama had the audacity to tell Americans on Friday that Sebelius was basically a saint for the work she did during her time as secretary of HHS, including the job she did during the initiation of Obamacare. With a speech completely void of any mention of the governmental casualties that occurred during the past half-year under Sebelius - as she repeatedly looked like a deer-in-the-headlights on the evening news - Obama praised the woman like she was some sort of war hero returning home from the most hellacious trenches of war.

Who does President Barack Obama think he’s kidding? Not Americans, one hopes.

No one is looking at Obama’s alleged achievements of Sebelius as she finally leaves her job. Instead, people are looking to see how many of the tires on the bus that ran over her actually struck her. Yes, on Friday, the charade of allegedly accepting Sebelius’ resignation was no more than a desperate move on the Obama administration's part to hide the fact that Sebelius was most likely ordered to get the hell out of Washington – and don’t look back.

Finally getting rid of Sebelius in a kindly manner is obviously another political-related tactic designed to smear lipstick on the pig called Democrats-running-for-office in November. Finally getting this woman out of the job she bungled was turned into a show to promote Obamacare's alleged success.

This is how Washington, D.C. and the government have gotten rid of their embarrassing mistakes over and over again. It’s not merely an Obama thing, or a Democratic thing, or a Republican thing – it’s a government thing in the United States. Though there are few who messed up as bad as Sebelius did with Obamacare, the rule in Washington seems to be that if someone messes up, the face-saving machinery is enacted – and the person is praised and saluted as they are grabbed by all four limbs and tossed under the bus.

Sebelius isn't the only one responsible for Obamacare rollout mess. It can be tracked back to errors made by its creator, the president, and to the one who baptised it - Chief Justice John Roberts.

Americans aren’t stupid. They know what takes place when someone like Sebelius – thank heavens – is finally out of the job.

Yet, President Obama really thinks his constituents are totally ignorant and will fall for the Academy Award performances he gives when a failed government employee of his choosing is finally ousted for screwing up the job.

Obama went as far as to say that Kathleen Sebelius will be remembered as the person at the helm as secretary of HHS when millions upon millions of Americans finally got health insurance.

Obama knows this isn’t true. Sebelius knows this isn’t true. More importantly, Americans know this isn’t true. Sebelius will not be remembered for one thing that was positive during her tenure as secretary. Why can’t Obama just say nothing - or, better yet, tell the truth? Why can’t Obama just be upfront and honest with Americans and say that Sebelius is stepping down <wink, wink> and we have what Americans have been praying for - a new secretary on the way.

The case of Sebelius not being gone from her government job for many months since she failed at it spotlights what people have said about government jobs over and over again. People in government jobs hardly ever get fired when they need to be fired. A recent study shows that only 0.55 percent of government employees are ever fired while the private sector sees more than 3 percent of its employees fired.

In government, when the behind-the-scenes deals are finally completed to finally get the person out of her job, it’s not a firing – but instead it’s a ridiculous praising of the person’s work. The truth is that if the person being praised had done much of anything right, she would still have a job.

As Obama says Sebelius will be long-remembered as the one who assisted in getting millions upon millions of Americans covered with health insurance, he also asserts that she “planned” to step down after the first deadline of the Obamacare sign-ups had occurred – which was a soft deadline on March 31, 2014.

How incredibly wrong Obama’s praise and “long-remembered” praises are. The truth of the matter is that Sebelius will be lucky to find herself as a footnote in future historical writings about Obamacare. Now that she’s finally gone, her name is probably being deleted from every piece of governmental documentation about the Affordable Care Act that the government has on file. She was a nightmare to Obamacare – and Obama knows it. Sebelius gave birth to nightmare-after-nightmare, as we saw change-after-change and delay-after-delay of the program’s initiation.

Of course, Obama highlighted that seven-and-a-half million people have signed up for Obamacare – under Sebelius. It’s shocking that he didn’t make a Freudian slip and say that seven-and-a-half million people have signed up for Obamacare in spite of Sebelius. Of course, the proof that there are actually 7.5 persons signed up for the law - of which many Americans are blaming Chief Justice John Roberts – is likely the infamous missing page from Sebelius’ notes on Obamacare.

It’s high time that Obama and every other person with government authority just fire a bad employee. Americans – those who have followed the Sebelius story since day one back in 2009 – know the truth. She is no saint. She is not a god-send. For her incredible mismanagement and errors – yes, she admitted that Obama didn’t know the website was not ready for primetime nearly as early as she was – we can only hope the door smacks her where it hurts when she finally leaves town. She made a fool of Obama. She caused incredible frustration for Americans trying to follow John Roberts’ tax law by signing up for the thing. Yet, Obama raises her up as he claims “she will be remembered for…” Just stop, President Obama. Just stop. You’re insulting Americans with that incredible nonsense. It's obvious the president is going to sleep much better these nights - now that Sebelius and the bus he threw her under are finally headed out of Washington, D.C.

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