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Kathleen Sebelius quits

Kathleen Sebelius has quit her job.
Chip Somodevilla/Getty

Kathleen Sebelius is quitting her job as the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services. It is believed she has quit her post over the the “botched rollout” of the Affordable Care Act, known as ObamaCare. According to an April 10 report by Reuters, Barack Obama will make the official announcement of Kathleen Sebelius' resignation on Friday.

The former governor of Kansas was at the center of much of the coverage of the ObamaCare failures. Many believed that it was her fault that the website didn't work for several weeks after it was opened to American citizens in need of some sort of healthcare coverage. She was also blamed for the lack of security of the information on the website. Kathleen Sebelius also took a lot of heat when people complained that they had lost their healthcare coverage and/or their doctors and other healthcare providers.

Despite the rumors as to why Kathleen Sebelius is quitting, she believes that now that open enrollment has ended that it is now time for her to resign her job as the Secretary of Health and Human Services. An official stated that it was “the right time to transition the department to new leadership.”

According to an April 10 report by Bloomberg, the 65-year-old Kathleen Sebelius will be replaced by Sylvia Mathews Burwell. That decision was suppose to remain private, but it was leaked. Sylvia Mathews Burwell is expected to be named as Sebelius' replacement tomorrow by Barack Obama. He will make the announcement from the White House.

Although many were not surprised by Kathleen Sebelius' decision to quit. However, Sandy Praeger was surprised. Praeger is the Kansas Insurance Commissioner. He has worked with Sebelius since 1991. He said she had attended a dinner last week, where she also spoke, and the Secretary of Health and Human Services appeared to be “in it for the long haul.”

At the time of publication, it was unknown what Kathleen Sebelius would do after Barack Obama makes the official announcement of her resignation. It was also unknown when the congressional procedures to replace her with Sylvia Mathews Burwell would start.

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