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Kathleen Sebelius considering a run for Senate

Kathleen Sebelius might run for senate.
Chip Somodevilla/Getty

The former Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, is thinking of running for Senate. She would make her run for Senate in her home state of Kansas, where she was the governor before taking the position in Barack Obama's cabinet. According to a report this Wednesday by The New York Times, Kathleen Sebelius would run as a democrat against Senator Pat Roberts, if he wins the primary election against Milton Wolf.

Many other democrats have stated that Kathleen Sebelius “could wage a serious challenge” to Senator Roberts. One person claims that Sebelius stated she was “thinking about it.” However, the former Secretary of Health and Human Services also added it was too soon to say “how seriously” she was taking the idea.

Even without the problems of the Affordable Care Act, known as ObamaCare, Kathleen Sebelius would have a tough time winning in Kansas. Democrats have not held a seat in the Senate since 1939. Obama and his politics have never been popular in Kansas. He only won 38 percent of the vote in Kansas in 2012. That was long before he popularity started its slide downhill.

Despite the lack of senators from the democratic party in Kansas, Kathleen Sebelius was elected governor twice. She won 58 percent of the vote the last time she was elected. That was in 2006.

Senator Pat Roberts will be running against Milton Wolf in the Kansas primary. Milton Wolf is radiologist. He is also backed by the Tea Party. Many democrats think that if Senator Roberts loses to Wolf, Kathleen Sebelius would be their best chance against the newcomer.

According to a report by The Wire, Kathleen Sebelius would have a tough time winning a Senate seat in Kansas. It was joked that she should change her last name to “Sebelius-Who-Oversaw-The-Botched-ObamaCare-Rollout.” Despite that and the fact Kansas hasn't had a democrat senator since 1939, she has won in statewide elections several times. She was elected governor twice and also was elected as the insurance commissioner in Kansas.

According to the results of a Public Policy Polling poll, Kathleen Sebelius trailed by 11 points. Senator Pat Roberts had 51 percent of the vote. Sebelius only had 40 percent of the vote. There was also nine percent that were undecided. That poll was taken in February of 2013. That was before the ObamaCare rollout. When the poll was taken again, after the Affordable Healthcare Act rollout, 55 percent of the participants in the polls found her to be unfavorable.

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