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Katheryn Deprill: Will Katheryn Deprill find mom who abandoned her?

Katheryn Deprill holding a sign looking for her mother.
Katheryn Deprill holding a sign looking for her mother.

Katheryne Deprill is on a mission to find her birth mother. 27 years ago the Pennsylvania woman was abandoned as a baby in a Burger King bathroom. WPTV reported March 5 that Katheryn is taking to social media as her starting point in the search.

"It looks like so far there's 2,000 shares and I've seen people shared it in Mexico," she said about her post on Facebook.

The young woman is pictured on Facebook page holding a sign letting people know she is looking for her biological mother and wants others to get the word out.

When Katheryn Deprill was abandoned on Sept. 15, 1986, her story made headlines. She was left behind in an Allentown Burger King and was discovered by someone who heard her crying. She was placed in a foster home with Brenda Hollis and later adopted by her. Now she is all grown up and feels a void that needs to be filled.

Katheryn insists she is not conducting this search to "replace" the family she has had all these years.

"I'm not looking to replace my brothers and sisters now or my family, my mom and dad, 'cause it was great, we had the best childhood," Katheryn said.

Katheryn's adoptive mother is extremely supportive of her looking for her birth mom. In fact, she is excited about it!

"I think it's just kind of fun, like there's so many questions to be asked and it's just, I am so excited about it," Brenda Hollis said.

According to the report, Katheryn Deprill is married with three sons. She is searching for her birth mother for several reasons. She also wants to learn more about her medical history.

Among the many things that Katheryn wants to learn about from her mother...she is interested to see if she looks like any of her biological brothers and sisters.

One thing, she wants to make clear to her biological mom is that she is not trying to find her in anger.

"We're not coming after you for anything. We're not angry. I just want to see you. I want to say thank you for not throwing me away, literally," Katheryn assured her mom out there.

"I came to realize, especially now being a mother, it's very hard, things are very expensive and I would guess she just couldn't give me the life that she wanted, which is why she left me in a warm, public place," Deprill said.

The 27-year-old and her adoptive mother would like to be friends with the mysterious woman who abandoned her daughter so long ago.

Most would have a reason to be resentful or bitter knowing the mom who gave birth to them left them in a restaurant bathroom. Katheryn Deprill is forgiving and has a wise way of looking at things. Best of luck in her search!

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