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Katheryn Deprill, Burger King Baby, finds birth mother

Katheryn Deprill, a 27-year-old woman from Pennsylvania, met her biological mother for the first time ever on Monday after beginning a quest to find her mother on Facebook on March 2 of this year. Katheryn Deprill posted a photo of herself holding a sign which said that she was looking for her birth mother and stated that she had been abandoned in the Burger King bathroom only hours after she was born, according to a CBS report on Wednesday. Her sign said that she wanted people to help her find her mother.

Katheryn Deprill finds birth mother

Katheryn Deprill’s birth mother who has not been named, in turn, had been looking for her daughter for the past six months.

It turns out that Deprill’s quest for finding her mother via Facebook got reposted some 30,000 times around the world, and the story was reported on by media outlets as well. That’s how the birth mother found her daughter – and vice versa.

They met at attorney Jim Waldron’s office and the meeting reportedly was extremely emotional, and Deprill learned why she had been abandoned. Her mother, at the age of 16, became pregnant after having been raped abroad. She kept her pregnancy private – even from her own parents. She had the baby in her own bedroom – and shortly thereafter took it to Burger King in Allentown, Pennsylvania near her home. Deprill was reportedly very accepting of the situation and they had a tearful and joyful reunion that lasted four hours.

Currently, Deprill is an EMT and married with three children, living outside Allentown in South Whitehall Township.

Daughter and mother exchanged contact information and vowed to stay in touch.

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