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Katheryn Deprill, 'Burger King Baby' abandoned 27 years: Meets her birth mother

Katheryn Deprill, the baby abandoned at Burger King 27 years ago, met with her birth mother this week!
Katheryn Deprill, the baby abandoned at Burger King 27 years ago, met with her birth mother this week!

Katheryn Deprill was dubbed the “Burger King baby” after she was abandoned as a newborn at a Burger King restaurant 27 years ago. She took to the media recently to try and find her birth mother and got lucky. It took less than three weeks for Katheryn Deprill’s pleas to be answered, as her birth mother came forward, according to MSN News on March 25.

Deprill finally got a chance to meet her birth mother, who was made aware that her daughter desperately wanted to meet her when Deprill’s plea went public in the media. It was back on a late summer evening in September of 1986 when Deprill was found as a newborn at a Pennsylvania Burger King and she hasn’t had contact with her biological mother since that time, until now.

With a lifetime of questions and a stinging curiosity Deprill met her mother on Monday and she reports she could not ask for a better scenario. Deprill who never thought “in a million years” that she would find the woman who gave birth to her, was thrilled that she did.

She said that her mother is “quite nice” and “normal.” The meeting was arranged by Deprill’s adopted family’s lawyer and the mother and daughter reunion took place at the lawyer’s office. Deprill’s adopted mother accompanied her and she also brought her youngest of three sons with her, Jackson, who is just seven-months-old.

Deprill’s biological mother showed up with her husband for the meeting. Deprill said the first thing she got was the hug she so wanted. Then the barrage of questions that Deprill had sat with her entire life came to the surface. She asked her mother, why did she leave her? She also wanted to know if the mother had any health problems she should know about.

Attorney John Waldron wouldn’t reveal too much about the mother’s identity right now, just that she’s from Irish and German decent. The woman was 17-years-old when she gave birth to the baby in her bedroom at home. She knew that Burger King would be crowed so she left the baby there, knowing she would be found. She kissed the baby good bye and walked away.

The woman was raped and became pregnant. Ashamed, she didn’t tell anyone, even her parents didn’t know she was pregnant. Back then you couldn’t just drop a baby off at a hospital or fire station without any questions asked.

She was raped by as stranger while in a foreign country on vacation when she was 16. The mother’s guilt became so overwhelming, that she started searching for her daughter about six months ago. Seeing the media reports on Deprill’s search, thrilled this woman, who couldn’t wait to meet her daughter.

Waldron said the resemblance between the two is “crystal clear.” While Deprill has not asked for DNA test, but she may in the future. Deprill said that she felt as if she was looking at herself in the mirror when seeing her birth mother.

Deprill said that she is convinced that this is her birth mother because she knew details that no one else could possibly know. The two will meet again, as they have 27 years to catch up on.

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