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Katheryn Deprill: Abandoned at 27, 'Burger King Baby' looks for birth mom

A customer walks into a Burger King restaurant November 1, 2006 in San Francisco, California.
Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

Katheryn Deprill, affectionately known as the "Burger King Baby," is on a campaign to find her biological mom. Abandoned 27-years-ago in the restroom of a Burger King fast food restaurant, Deprill recently began a search for her birth mom using Facebook, according to a March 5 Epoch Times report.

Deprill, who hails from Allentown, Pa., was left behind by her mother in the ladies room of a BK restroom. And 27 years later, she wants to connect with the woman she never knew.

Katheryn hatched the idea to use social media to find her mom. Using her personal page, she posted a moving message recently and already has thousands of "Likes." This led to her receiving the handle, "Burger King Baby." She's hoping the publicity from the viral posting will offer up clues to her mother's identify and whereabouts.

Her message read:

Looking for my birth mother. She gave birth to me September [sic] 15th, 1986. She abandoned me in the Burger King bathroom only hours old, Allentown, PA [sic]. Please help me find her by sharing this post. Maybe she will see this. Thank You."

Shortly after being put into foster care, Brenda Hollis’ family adopted Katheryn, as WPTV wrote. Her brothers, sister, and adoptive parents gave her the "best childhood." As such, she's not looking to replace them even if she finds her real mother.

Katheryn Deprill is married with three children. But even now, she admits it feels like there's a piece missing in her life.

On what she would say to her mom, should they ever meet, she said, "I really want to see her and just ask her why and see if I have any brothers and sisters and anyone that looks like me.

I came to realize, especially now being a mother, it's very hard, things are very expensive and I would guess she just couldn't give me the life that she wanted, which is why she left me in a warm, public place. I just hope that I can see her and maybe give her a hug."

There have been many other successful stories of long-lost siblings and families reuniting after years or even decades. Perhaps, this story too will have a happy ending.


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