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Katherine Webb gets a ring from AJ McCarron? Wears his college career rings

Katherine Webb shows off AJ McCarron's college football career rings
Katherine Webb shows off AJ McCarron's college football career rings
Katherine Webb/Instagram

The former Miss Alabama Katherine Webb gave the fans a whole new understanding of what it means to put a ring on her finger. The sexy woman somehow found her way into former Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback AJ McCarron's closet and got permission to show off all his rings. According to Bleacher Report on Saturday, Katherine Webb surprised the fans as she showcased all the rings he has won during his time playing football for the Crimson Tide. The picture has caught the attention of college football fans around the country.

Hiding her face, Katherine offered up a look at her hand with all the rings easily seen. There was three national championships, two SEC titles and one Capital One Bowl ring. All of the jewelry definitely had come from AJ’s very successful college career and revealed how much passion he put into the sport.

With over 14,000 views online so far, the fans adore a look at the rings and appear to be impressed with Katherine Webb’s insistence on showing off all of AJ McCarron’s accomplishments. The football star has impressive stats, but translate all his action on the field into rings and it’s undeniably powerful.

While the picture might have been a reflection of what AJ McCarron has accomplished, some fans were wondering why Katherine Webb was driving around town with the rings on her finger. The model looked to be sitting in a car as a vehicle can be seen going in the opposite direction just to the right of the Webb as she sits in the driver’s seat.

Katherine Webb definitely has shared one thing about AJ McCarron that is obviously impressive. Maybe at some point in the future he will show off his rings in a personal photo like Bill Russell and Michael Jordan has done before He has a whole lot of rings so Katherine Webb can borrow any ring she wants if she needs a ring on her finger!