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Katharine McPhee is a blond bombshell


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Last night at the Ann Taylor runway show in NYC, Katharine McPhee made her appearance with a new hair do. McPhee is known for being the runner-up on “American Idol” during its fifth season, losing to Taylor Hicks. In the past she has sported long dark locks, however, last night she made a new statement, she is now sporting a blond bob.

What do you think, do you like the new do?


  • Anonymous 5 years ago


  • sls 5 years ago

    Horrible. And she can't sing either.

  • patti 5 years ago

    She looks wonderful! And she has an absolutely beautiful voice!!

  • Anna 5 years ago

    The hair looks horrible! She's a beautiful girl, but looks better as a brunette. To 'sls' who says she cant can sing. That's a lie! She has a beautiful voice, just havent found her genre as yet. Her last album had a lot a teeny bopper songs. I only liked one called 'neglected', nice, soft ballad that was sung beautifully.

  • Jan 5 years ago

    Oh please. She could shave her head and she would still be gorgeous. She's one of the best singers they ever had on American Idol. She should have won the year she was on. America got it very wrong.

  • Hairtodaygonetomorrow 5 years ago

    Hey, it's just hair, and it's all about change and fun and experimenting in a healthy way! She is a beautiful woman...and can change her hair anyway she wants...besides, maybe it is for a movie....or maybe it was just time for a change. I love the style...and the color is fine long as she likes it!

  • TTT 5 years ago

    Cheer up, America, someday she'll be a brunette again! And she still has the same great voice and a way with a ballad. Check iTunes for Say Goodbye, the full version of the song she sang on CSI:NY, plus I believe both that and the first single (Had It All) off her new album, Unbroken (due out in january) are on her Myspace. And you can pre-order the album at Amazon.

  • TLS 5 years ago

    Don't like the color but the length looks good. MOST importantly is the sound. Kat has one of the best voices to come out of American Idol, mellow with a beautiful tone. She should stop focusing on her looks. Her last CD would have sold better if the back beat was dropped. I like her new sound!!!

  • Diane 5 years ago

    I prefer her with dark hair, long dark hair. She looks too old with the short blond hair.

  • annie 5 years ago

    When I watched Katharine on the Chris Botti concert, she was totally, playfully enchanting. Hair is fun on such a gorgeous gal--yes, the brunette is her core.

  • mirrorkat 5 years ago least it's only temporary.

  • ma-shell 5 years ago

    blond hair does not look right on her, she looks cheap, like a go go dancer, plastic looking. her long black hair makes her look sexy n sultry.