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Katelyn Marie Craven missing

Katelyn Marie Craven missing
Katelyn Marie Craven missing
Facebook page

As many Facebookers logged onto the computer this morning, they found that confusion is rising on whether the young lady by the name of Katelyn Marie Craven who will turn 22 in a few days is missing or a part of a sick hoax. (An interview later today perhaps will help clear up the confusion in many people's mind).

As the search for Craven becomes more publicized, the confusion seems to increase. Craven’s father, Scott Craven is becoming more verbal on the Facebook page where Katelyn's disappearance was first announced. The page was previously opened by Doug Eldridge, Katelyn's stepfather in 2008 as a personal Facebook page. Craven’s mother, Kimberly has since been added to the page and after 2 1/2 yrs of silence, recently posted a request for the public's assistance in locating Katelyn. It is the public's understanding that as of date a missing person's report has still not yet been filed.

As more information surfaces the more confusing Facebook followers are becoming. More family members are becoming involved in Craven’s disappearance. Katelyn's grandmother and paternal aunt have both announced and made request for assistance on Facebook as well. These request have left some friends and strangers alike with words of condemnation for not stepping forward before now to seek assistance in the search for Katelyn.

Tips that surfaced early this morning about Craven’s admittance to a Nevada Mental Facility were allegedly confirmed as false information. The details on confirmation are undetermined at this time.

Updated as available.