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Katelyn Marie Craven missing or hoax

Katelyn Marie Craven, missing or hoax
Katelyn Marie Craven, missing or hoax
Facebook page

Friday morning, January 24, Facebook was flooded with a plea for assistance in helping locate 22 yr. old Katelyn Marie Craven.

The designated Facebook page reported that Craven has been missing for 2 ½ yrs. Leaving after a disagreement with parents. The first post requesting assistance was made on January 23, 2014, days before Craven's birthday.

The Facebook page where assistance was first requested is filled with an outpouring of understanding and prayers. Surprisingly, these are not the only two emotions and types of comments being posted. Some post are condemning the family for not requesting assistance sooner. Others are suggesting that Craven is not actually missing.

Posters have searched for Craven in Missing Person’s and FBI data bases without success. Kimberly and Doug Eldridge, Craven’s mother and step-father state that they have tried to report Craven as missing but considering the circumstances surrounding her disappearance she is not considered a missing person. Craven allegedly left after a disagreement with her mother and step-father.

The family has given information that indicates Craven has not spoken to family or friends in over 2 years, but will not respond to leads.

One poster has made numerous attempts to contact the family with information on the where about of Craven, but the family will not respond. The poster has been identified as Oona Delosh who states in a post that Craven has been living with a family friend until 2 weeks ago when she was checked into a Nevada Mental Health Facility. Delosh included the address of the facility and attempted to make contact at various times, but the Eldridge family has not responded at this time.

Updated information states that the mother of Craven spoke with Delosh and has attempted to contact the Nevada Mental Health Facility but due to HIPPA policy confirmation that Craven was currently admitted could not verified. Sources state that Eldridge has sent a family member to the facility with a photograph hoping for a positive identification.

The manner in which Kimberly and Doug Eldridge announced and responded to posts has left many believing the request for help as a hoax. For two years the family did not report Craven as missing until receiving posts that questioned the request as a hoax. Two different agencies were then contacted for assistance to help locate Craven. The agencies that agreed to assist Mr. and Mrs. Eldridge were Vanished Inc. and The Missing (The FB Initiative). Correspondence on procedure of assistance was sent to both agencies, one has responded with the following comment:

"After searching the internet for a little I haven't been able to find any credible information. There are some people saying that her father has been posting about her and others are saying there was info through some Virginia court records, but there also others saying its a hoax. At this point I will remove it until I see something more credible. "

Many are wondering if Katelyn Marie Craven is really missing or if this is some type of sick hoax. Pieces to the puzzle seems to be falling into place and hopefully the answer will be revealed soon.

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