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Katelyn Marie Craven found

Katelyn Marie Craven found
Katelyn Marie Craven found
Facebook page

Shortly before 12 a.m. Sunday, Kimberly Eldridge announced that her daughter, Katelyn Marie Craven had been found. Mrs. Eldridge went on to make the following statement, ”Do not contact me as to where she is. She wishes for this to remain private.” She concluded by thanking everyone for their help.

Within minutes of posting the statement, Eldridge replaced her previous Facebook page cover of the missing Katelyn with that of that of a super massive black hole.

The page operated by Eldridge seems to have left many questions. Posters found her rude, and described her actions as highly unusual. Her announcement of Katelyn's appearance was blunt and without explanation. Many supporters felt they were owed an explanation. The only explanation was the one found on Scott Craven's Facebook page.

Craven made the statement that it looked like the state of Virginia had found Katelyn and that she was alive. Craven went on to say that they should be able to confirm Katelyn's identity tomorrow, but that it was looking like it was her and she was OK.

Since Thursday, the world has scrolled the Facebook page responsible for posting a request for assistance in locating Katelyn Marie Craven. Facebook posters have shown feelings of sorrow, pain, disbelief and loss. Individuals have prayed, shared post and contacted various organizations to assist in the search. Numerous followers accepted the Eldridge at their word. While others believed the report to be a hoax.

The announcement of Katelyn's appearance left many posters and loyal followers in shock and with unanswered questions. Questions that will hopefully be answered in the near future.

The person believed to be Katelyn was located in less than 30 hours after the missing post went viral.

Praying tomorrow will bring good news for the Eldridge/Craven family