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Kate, William, and George in royal portrait: Photos of 3 royal generations

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Kate Middleton and Prince William, along with their eight-month-old Prince George, sit in a window and look out at the world in a new royal portrait released by the Palace this weekend. Looking back to when Princess Diana and Prince Charles had baby Prince William in their royal portraits, the difference in the family dynamics is striking.

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According to on March 30, the picture was taken of Kate, William and baby George from a window at their new Kensington apartment. Baby George looks as if he is infatuated with Lupo and the little sweater that George is wearing has his name embroidered on it.

The photo was taken by Jason Bell and released by the Palace for all the folks who wanted an updated photo from the newest royal family. Back in the day when Diana and Charles had baby William in photo’s the body language was so much different than that of Kate and William.

There is an air of comfort that Kate and William give off, much like Diana, who seemed to shine when pictured with William and later with her two boys. Charles on the other hand looked out of place. As you can see on the slideshow, Charles didn’t appear to come into a comfort level with his boys until they were older.

When Diana and Charles were pictured with William as a baby, Charles appears so stiff and he almost looks as if he is not too sure how to handle himself. With Kate and William, you have two parents who appear very comfortable and both very much engaged with their little guy. Charles on the other hand looked as if he left the baby handling up to Diana.

With Kate and William, the couple lean into each other in their pictures, this didn’t appear to be the case with Diana and Charles when pictured as a family. A few of the pictures show Charles as a baby pictured with his mom, the Queen, who also looks very stiff holding Charles.

Charles was raised almost exclusively by nannies. Queen Elizabeth doesn’t have that mother-type pose that you see with Kate and Diana. She is too stiff as if she is doing something she didn’t do too often when holding Charles.

Any way you look at it, the three generations of comfort levels has greatly improved today. This is seen in the latest portrait of Kate, William and George, looking very natural, like a relaxed family!