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Kate White not find a frightening new field? Over her dead body!

Eyes on her too

I remember Kate White from the good ol' daze, when I was at Redbook and she was at a competitor. Then she went onto Cosmo and now she's a bestselling author, finally leaving the non-fiction niche behind and finding her frightening field. Not be a success? Over her dead body.
Her new book Eyes on You (Harper, $25.99) takes readers into the glamorous New York media world, as a recently back-on-her-feet TV personality faces a potentially fatal series of attacks from an unknown colleague. Writing with an enviable insider’s knowledge gleaned from her own experience as a top magazine editor and media figure, White offers a penetrating portrait of a woman under siege as she attempts to put her shattered life back together, only to discover that there is a mysterious enemy who wants nothing more than to see her brought to her knees at any cost.
After a downward slide that saw her marriage and her career unravel, print journalist-turned-TV host Robin Trainer finally seems to be back on track. She has landed a gig on a cable entertainment show, The Pulse, which is rising quickly in the ratings thanks in part to the on-screen chemistry she shares with her handsome co-host, Carter Brooks. The icing on the cake is the launch of her new book, The 7 Secrets Women Keep, written during her hiatus from TV and now positioned to be a big sales hit thanks to her expanding media platform.
It is at the launch party for the book, held in the dazzling river-view penthouse of her former boss, Bettina, owner of a monster Web empire, that the trouble begins. Just as she is about to make a speech of gratitude to the guests, Robin finds these words scrawled on one of her note cards in indelible black Sharpie strokes: “You evil little bitch. You’ll get yours.” Flustered, Robin almost flubs her remarks, but she recovers, telling herself the act is a random one. But, the incident is only the first of many: the author photo on the backs of some book jackets slashed with a razor; a Barbie doll, dressed like her and its eyes gouged out, left in her office chair; her on-air makeup infused with acid and a brownie laced with a deadly dose of sleeping medication….mere threats slowly turn into serious attempts on her life. But who wants her gone so badly?
Robin knows it has to be someone who works at the show, or at least at the network. She suspects Vicky Cruz, aka the Cruz Missile—the network’s top anchor whose star in on the wane. But everything doesn’t quite add up. As she tries to keep her cool—and her job—Robin foolishly falls prey to the sexual charms of a man whom she knows she should stay clear of. Just as she feels she is closing in on proving her case, her wily adversary turns the tables and suddenly everyone seems to believe that Robin herself is behind the subterfuge. Her terror mounts as she tries to hold onto her sanity and find her enemy before it is too late.
Wonder what a Cosmo girl's to do?

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