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Kate Upton: Who is this stunning star?

Some of you may be wondering “who is this celebrity?” Well, you are not the only one. 21-year old Katherine Elizabeth Upton, who was raised in Melbourne, Florida, is the daughter of former Texas state tennis champion Shelley Davis and high school athletics director, Jeff Upton. Ms. Upton became a household name as a “Sports Illustrated” model. She first appeared in the swimsuit issue in 2011 featured in the body paint section and was named “Rookie of the Year” for the issue.

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Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images
Who is Kate Upton?
Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images

Contact Music reports today that the model and actress had admitted that she knew she'd really made it into her career when she started gaining female followers as well as male ones. When she was asked about the moment when Kate had noticed that she made it, Upton responded how weird it was about her followers.

''I think it was kind of how everything was placed at once, in a weird way,” Upton said. “I had Sports Illustrated and that next year I worked with Vogue and it was really just the placement of things. One year I had a lot of male followers, and the next, women followers and fans. I didn't have a say in it - that was just how it went.''

The blonde bombshell also talks about how she faced disapproval within the fashion industry just for being too curvy, but of course she now admits that she is very comfortable and overcame the criticisms. Upton claims that she feels right at home.

''Once you're in the fashion crowd, it's almost like a family. They're so loyal and so supportive, and I talk to most of those people on a daily basis.''

It had been reported that she has a very strong relationship with God, and during one of her photo-shoots, someone on the set joked about her wearing a crucifix. They made harsh comments about why is she wearing it and didn’t believe that she was religious so they have taken it from her. Upton expressed her feelings about the incident and explained why she got the tattoo of a cross on the inside of her finger.

"I was really affected by that. The whole thing made me realize that I do want a cross with me, at all times.” Upton said

Kate Upton does not take any nonsense, which is great if you’re in this kind of industry. You can currently see Upton in the chick flick comedy “The Other Woman” starring Cameron Diaz.

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