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Kate Upton threatens lawsuit over fake topless photos

Kate Upton attends the 30th Annual Night Of Stars presented by The Fashion Group International at Cipriani Wall Street on October 22, 2013 in New York City.
Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

You might think that fake topless photos wouldn't be that big of a deal for a top model, but, then, you wouldn't be Kate Upton's legal team. But it isn't as if anyone is even insinuating that anything about the curvaceous blonde two-time Sports Illustrated cover model is fake. And yet, as TMZ reported March 9, joke website Celebrity Jihad has come under fire from Upton's lawyers after they published some fake nude photos.

TMZ notes that one photo posted by Celebrity Jihad was clearly a fake. However, Kate Upton's lawyers apparently do not care, sending the website a threatening letter that demanded the fake topless photo and other photos in a set called "Kate Upton Naked Outtake From SI Swimsuit 2014" be taken down immediately.

To their credit, Celebrity Jihad complied.

As part of the complaint in the letter, one of Upton's lawyers wrote, "One of these photographs has even been airbrushed."

And as TMZ snarkily noted, "Wouldn't be her first time."

(It's funny because it's true…)

But airbrushing as a fakery aside, it should be noted that Kate Upton topless photos do exist. They're stills from a photoshoot she did last year while sitting atop a horse. While taking off her bikini top for a quasi-nude shot, she inadvertently let show a bit more than she had intended. A video of the photoshoot made its way to TMZ, which posted the video and stills of a topless Kate Upton but, not wanting to court a lawsuit (that bit of wisdom from TMZ founder, Harvey Levin, because, as he notes at the end of each episode of the TMZ television show, he's a lawyer), with the area of most interest blacked out.

Not too long afterward, the photoshoot video, sans censoring discoloration, leaked to the Internet. Topless photos of Kate Upton, the stills from that same video, began to appear everywhere, including on Celebrity Jihad, which was one of the first sites to display the topless bareback photo.

Strange how all the major players in these stories are the same...

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