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Kate Upton’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit bikini at Target? Out of Stock at store

Kate Upton had a zero gravity experience for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit magazine and she looked sexy while showing off all her cleavage. The magazine is celebrating its 50th Anniversary and the blonde model revealed a lot of cleavage and all sexy curves during the shoot. According to Hollywood Life on Thursday, the model got her bikini from Target. Yes, we are talking about the department store found around the country.

Kate Upton fans might not be hitting zero gravity, but they are at the local Target store snatching up the bikini that Kate Upton was wearing when she was showing off her amazing body. In fact a quick trip to the store will find few garments, if any, of all the sizes. According to the Target website, the chance to pick up this bikini at a store is slim to none.

However, fans can order the bikini on the Target website and get the product shipped to their doorstep. This would offer a chance to get the fashion, but it does pose a problem if fans are looking to try on the garment before making a final decision.

Kate Upton’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit bikini might be seen at a beach near you, but don’t expect the model to be wearing the fashion. Sometimes not every dream comes true!

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