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Kate Upton posts topless selfie photo from bed: Hints she's with two men

Kate Upton has made the Internet go crazy again -- simply by posting a topless selfie photo to Instagram. Not only did the buxom blonde model cause another firestorm just by alluding to her breasts, there's that playful slap at risque sexuality -- she's in bed with two men! -- to get even more people hot and bothered.

But before you let the limbic part of your brain take over and start googling Kate Upton's topless Instagram photo...

The Inquistr reported July 2 that Kate Upton posted her selfie, a photo of the actress/model in bed with a sheet pulled up over what most think they're going to see when they click on those "topless" links. Sure, she's topless but only under the sheet. In her post, Upton wrote: "In bed with @mertalas and @macpiggott [four hearts] #nofilter #becauseiminamazinglight". Again, before you rush off to gaze at the curvy blonde in bed with two guys, just be forewarned that the two @s are photographers, because Ms. Upton is at a photoshoot.

Some might think this is a bit of hypocrisy -- the entire topless selfie hook -- from the woman who just told British Vogue, "Reading things about myself that aren't true drives me crazy!"

Is it false advertising? Not really. Upton is topless -- under the sheet. And she is in bed with the two guys. She's simply taking advantage of most people's puerile and sex-oriented minds. And she knows that sex sells. So does scandal. Just hints of sex and scandal with regard to a celebrity -- especially a beautiful model -- can lead to a media stampede. It applies to both sides of the media fence. In this case, Kate Upton is merely using her own celebrity in a bit of shameless -- but playful -- self-promotion to cause the rush.

Upton, who recently starred in the movie "The Other Woman," is currently working as the spokesperson for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, taking over from actress Katie Holmes.

"I admire women who create their own rules, so I was naturally drawn to Kate because she's a maverick who has carved her own path to success," Bobbi Brown said in a statement, according to EOnline.

"Kate is proud of her healthy body and has a beautiful face for makeup," Bobbi went on. "She is a real woman, a natural beauty, athletic, and radiates confidence, but doesn't take herself so seriously. She's having fun and enjoying life, and that is pretty powerful."

So go on. Check out Upton's topless selfie (in bed) on Instagram. And don't worry. It's SFW. Not that it being otherwise would stop all that many people from checking it out anyway...

And once you get over the disappointment of the not-so-scandalous photo, you might even appreciate the 22-year-old's playful sense of humor.

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