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Kate Upton in Playboy? Model talks about that dream you keep having

Kate Upton in Playboy magazine: It's not just the stuff of red-blooded male dreams, it could very well one day become a pictorial reality. Just not yet. So says the blonde bombshell model that has so much "wow factor" she defies gravity.

The approachable Kate Upton: Model Kate Upton poses for the Express & Kate Upton Campaign Launch Event on July 8, 2014 in New York City.
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris

Fox News reported July 12 that in her capacity as global ambassador for Gillette, the two-time cover model for Sports Illustrated recently talked to British GQ, telling them about what she liked in a well-groomed man. During the conversation, she let drop that she woudn't like to say "never" to Playboy.

“I never like to say never because there are circumstances that I could do pretty much anything if it inspires me and if I think that it's cool at the time. But right now, at this point in my career, I'm not doing Playboy,” she admitted to British GQ, crushing the hopes of millions of men in the process... and uplifting same crushed hopes at the same time (because hope truly does spring eternal) by raising the possibility of naked Kate Upton photos in the future.

You could call it the ultimate tease, but it's more like excellent marketing. You see, if nothing else, the beautiful and sexy Kate Upton knows that her sexuality sells... and business is good. It's why she's the face of Gillette right now. Who better to sell men's grooming products than one of the world's sexiest women who doesn't mind sharing what she likes to see in a man? She's a professional at self-promotion, as was witnessed just last week when she posted the "topless" selfie while lying in a bed at a photoshoot. And it is that accessible-to-everyman dream-girl persona that works so well as a product endorser.

Take, for instance, her interview with Gillette. Sure, it's sort of interesting that Kate Upton will talk manscaping, shaving, tonsorial care, etc., with regard to manly grooming, but it is far more interesting if, during the conversation, she offers a bit of titillation for all the guys. The promise, you see, is often more effective than the actuality, something that Victoria's Secret understands all too well. It's all in the packaging, the presentation. And stating that you are keeping your options open for Playboy, which Kate Upton most certainly did, sets off all those sex-red klaxons in male brains. You know, the ones that blare and glare around the blinking and flashing neon words: "She says she's thinking about taking her clothes off."

See? Marketing. A good salesperson knows their potential client. The foremost rule is to give the target what they want... to an extent. You always want to leave said target wanting more, because that sets up and endless demand. In this regard, not only does the gorgeous blonde model sell her product, Gillette, but the magazine, British GQ, and herself as a sexy commodity worthy of a good listen, read, or look. And with men, it's usally the looks, being as they are so very visually stimulated...

And Upton certainly has to know she stimulates, given that every time the words "nude," "topless," "naked," and/or "swimsuit" appear alongside "Kate Upton" in a headline, that story soon becomes immensely popular. Have photos or a video? Said post will go viral, like when the Internet went crazy over reported photo outtakes of a video where the Sports Illustrated cover girl took her top off while riding a horse.

So why not get the 22-year-old model to market one's wares?

As to her accessibility, Upton later fielded a question with British GQ on her intimidation factor when approached by men. Apparently she is a bit oblivious to it -- or has the good instinctual marketing skills to appear humble enough not to notice or care about being an intimidatingly beautiful and sexy woman.

"I don't know," she said. "I'm not really aware of who can't approach me because I consider myself an approachable person and I like meeting new people, so if they can't approach me I don't think it's an energy I'm putting out."

So there you have it, guys. The voluptuously gorgeous Kate Upton is approachable. She likes positivity. And well-groomed men. She also says she might one day pose for Playboy magazine. Maybe.

What? The klaxons are still going off so you need to go back and read the last four paragraphs? Alright, but just remember: Kate Upton in Playboy just might happen. Someday. If and when she feels like it.

Because she didn't say she would never do Playboy.

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