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Kate Upton naked photo confirmed as real; model’s lawyers looking for hacker

Kate Upton
Kate Upton
Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

The hacker that posted the Kate Upton naked photo which included her boyfriend Justin Verlander should be put on notice that her attorneys would like to have a word with him. As Hollywood is swirling from a serious nude photo scandal, it appears that someone has taken the time to include Kate Upton’s private time with Justin Verlander. According to the Huffington Post on Sunday, attorneys for Upton are outraged and ready to take legal action against anyone who posts or shares the image.

While Kate Upton hasn’t ever hidden her sexy curves and her beautiful body, the model has been careful not to reveal it all. Looking to keep some of her body personal, she has turned down full front modeling and all of her poses have some clothes on. Unfortunately, that’s not true with the leaked nude picture trending on Twitter. And to see the boyfriend, Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander in the picture is a double whammy as the couple deserves privacy.

Standing sideways, the picture of the two stars has them looking into the mirror and smiling. The not safe for work image has been shared thousands of times and is so revealing that the majority of news sources can’t even link to the pictures. Attorneys are probably working with social media giants right now to get the images removed.

So how did this picture get on social media? Unfortunately someone hacked the Apple iCloud and the pictures were leaked. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported on Monday that the allegedly hackers stole images from the iCloud account and posted them on the website 4chan. From there users posted the pictures on Twitter.

There has always been a sense of serious concern about privacy when it comes to celebrities and their private life. Some people will not let the stars live a normal existence outside of their work. This scandal reminds everyone that this concern hasn't been addressed adequately as nobody should have their privacy violated.