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Kate Upton on shaving down there

Gillette and Kate Upton manscaping campaign

Kate Upton says she wouldn't date a guy who had grooming problems.
Theo Wargo/Getty Images
Kate Upton loves men who groom everything.
Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Kate Upton has inadvertently started a war on pubic hair after announced Gillette’s recent manscaping campaign on April 1, 2013, calling it an “intellectually insulting campaign” with “questionable execution and taste.”

The preemptive leader in pubic hair grooming launched a new campaign featuring a group of models expressing their preferences for male grooming. The leader of the pack was swimsuit model Kate Upton whose video started making headlines since last week after her seductive response to the question of how important it was for men to groom down there. Her “very important” response was followed by a cheesy wink, giggle and a boob jiggle.

In another behind-the-scenes type of video, the group of models discuss body styling with each other. In the video, when asked how Gillette can get more men started on grooming down there, Kate says: “You can do a little grooming; we’ll do a little grooming” before fellow model Genesis Rodriguez jumps in with agreement: “Yeah, tit for tat.”

To shave or not to shave down there? points out some of the recent backlash produced by the trend toward hairlessness ignited by fashion magazines and razor companies as far back as the 1900s. Apparently, some women are starting to embrace the bush after a group of activists instituted “Decembeaver” for women last year to complement “Movember” for men. If a woman has to kiss her man with his obnoxious little moustache, then it’s only fair for her to grow a bush in protest...

Nevermind this supposed war on pubic hair. Let it serve as a reminder for singles and couples alike of just how important personal grooming can be when it comes to dating and relationships. Gillette and Kate Upton has given men and women alike more reasons to shave down there than we may want to give them credit for.

3 reasons to shave or trim your pubes

While there will always be risks associated with putting anything sharp near your genatalia, let’s keep things here on a lighter note with a few of the benefits to shaving down there.

Improved hygiene. Pubic hairs can sometimes hold odor and sweat creating moisture in dark places where bacteria likes to grow. Shaving or trimming can help decrease odors for men and help prevent yeast infections for women.

Enhanced self-esteem. When we look and feel good about ourselves, we naturally start to feel more attractive. Women will feel sexy and youthful while men can score themselves an extra (optical) inch. This confidence tends to radiate.

Increased sexual pleasure. The absence or minimalism of hair down there (or anywhere, for that matter) can be visually erotic and sexually appealing for both men and women. It also enhances the sensations of oral sex which can maximize your pleasure.

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