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Kate Upton bed selfie: Sexy Instagram photo has hearts melting, 'perfect light'

Hearts are melting at the Kate Upton bed selfie, and the sexy photo — which manages to allure fans while not featuring too much skin — has become an immediate hit on Instagram. The gentle gaze of Kate in an ideal light distract from the almost topless image, creating a very sensual appeal. The steamy Sports Illustrated model also looks to be in her birthday suit as she poses in front of the camera, which shows a relatively “soft” side of the stunning beauty. MStarz reveals how social media followers are reacting to the lovely selfie this Tuesday, July 1, and how Upton said she had to take the picture because of the “perfect lighting.”

Kate Upon takes a bed selfie that becomes a hit on Instagram
Kate Upton Instagram, Photo File (MStarz)

There's a reason that Kate Upton is one of the most widely known models in the U.S. nation, and this bed selfie has only proved it. Recently taking to Instagram to upload the already viral photo, Kate made it quite clear that all she needs is a bed and a camera to arouse some male attention. The steamy model can be seen topless in the recently uploaded selfie, though a tantalizing, well-placed angle and white bed sheet obscure just enough to leave you keep on wanting more. The sensual glimpse of the well-endowed blonde bombshell has already garnered over 75,000 likes online, as well as hundreds of amazed comments.

If you find yourself unable to glance away from Upton's gaze, you're not alone. As seen in the media post, the coveted young woman is lying with her back to a soft light source, which casts shadows over her body — and as one Twitter user put it, “has her eyes looking achingly right at you.” The topless Kate Upon photo certainly looks like one magical fantasy you can’t look away from. Of course, this “softer” side of the Beach Bunny beauty wasn’t taken by chance; Upton apparently wanted it taken on the bed because she thought the light behind her was beautiful and gave the selfie a hypnotic, ethereal, glow.

News Oxy reveals that with the dazzling photo that has hearts melting everywhere, this caption was given, which offers some insight into the snapshot:

"In bed with @mertalas and @macpiggott. #nofilter #becauseiminamazinglight"

The upload makes a bold statement; whoever took this photo might want to learn a filming technique or two, because the snapshot certainly captures all of charm that the buxom beauty has to offer her Instagram fans. Since the hit topless photo made it online, it’s already become pretty clear that the image wasn’t taken by chance. The beautiful model included the Twitter names of two of her most well-known fashion photographers in the caption, Marcus Piggott and Mert Alas, which seems to suggest that a possible photo shoot was taking place in the bedroom.

Hopefully, say some entranced fans, this Kate Upon bed selfie will just be the first of many similar images to make their way into our hands. This first Instagram clip may have just been a taste of what looks to be a relatively subtle, sexy, yet tastefully accomplished spread for the Sports Illustrated model. If anything, this latest look at the celebrity shows many of us how we would wish to look — or what we’d like to look at — when we wake up in the morning.

“I think she looks incredibly soft and beautiful in the photo,” said one follower of the model on Instagram.

“Wow, girl. Where can I get me a piece of that?” wrote another fan on the social media site.

What do you think of the latest Kate Upton bed selfie? The bodacious model certainly isn’t unaccustomed to showing off her goods on the cover of magazines and photo spreads, but in this latest “topless” picture, Kate seems to have chosen a softer, more sensual appeal to offer her one million fans and counting on Instagram.

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