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Kate Upton armpit Photoshop fail: Digital surgery on Kate's armpit looks painful

Kate Upton is missing her armpit in a Photoshop fail going viral online today.
Kate Upton is missing her armpit in a Photoshop fail going viral online today.

Kate Upton's armpit was Photoshopped to remove the "sweat," claims the folk's at Harper's Bazaar, but for some reason they removed the armpit with the sweat. Isn't that like throwing the baby out with the bathwater? Airbrushing Kate Upton is like taking one of the classic art pieces and fixing them, she doesn't need any fixing!

The armpit Photoshop fail has become a "complete nightmare" for the magazine, reports News Oxy on June 1. If it is not broken don't fix it and there was nothing at all broken or needed fixing about Kate's body. That was the case until they Photoshopped a good-sized chunk of her armpit off.

The point of having Kate as a model in a publication is because she is as close to perfect that you are going to get when looking for the female body that is trim and fit. As News Oxy suggests, "Upton herself wasn't enough for the magazine, so they tried editing."

The art of airbrushing models is decades old, but it is usually done with a tiny nip and tuck here and there. Maybe a small imperfection in the photo, like a pimple, is airbrushed out, but this is like doing digital surgery on Upton. They "chopped her armpit" right out of the picture.

The Hollywood Gossip asks today, "Did they try to remove armpit sweat but go too crazy? Did they really want us to see the palm trees in the background to show off the serene setting?"

Where will this Photoshopping trend stop and how far will they go? First an armpit, then an arm? Why bother having a model at all, just cut and paste together what someone believes is society's answer to perfect.

The other embarrassing aspect for Harper's Bazaar is that this photo actually made the cut (no pun intended) for the issue. It looks like Upton's post-surgical armpit went unnoticed and made it through to the issue.

A simple quality check before going off to print would have taken care of this mistake. The photo looks like it should have the caption, Kate Upton's answer to armpit sweat, remove the armpit! Harper's Bazaar is not the first magazine to cut an inch too far.

Back in March the Huffington Post reported on the botched crotch of a Target model. The ad had the model's crotch Photoshopped to where it was obvious a big chunk was missing.

Even Beyonce got into the Photoshop groove with a photo of herself that she posted on Instagram. She, or someone, Photoshopped her thighs. It was more than obvious. You can see that picture in the Beyonce article below in the "suggested by the Examiner writer" section.

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