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Kate Reese's mini-documentary of ACL recovery inspires thousands

In the soccer off-season, January of 2012, then high school freshman Kate Reese tore her ACL and both menisci in her right knee playing high school basketball. This mini-documentary is Kate's ACL surgery and rehab story from pre-op to stepping back on the field in October of 2012 and gives an honest “What to expect” perspective from one female athlete who loves the game and was single-minded in her goal during the 8 months it took her to return to play. She successfully channeled all of her energy into rehab ( with Stacy King of Aspire Physical Therapy in Bethesda, MD) and training to meet her goal to be back on the field at some point in the 2012 fall season. Kate’s surgeon, Dr. Kurt Schluntz of OrthoBethesda used Kate’s own patella tendon to replace her shredded ACL because of her age and intense level of activity.

Kate Reese who currently plays for Churchill High School in Potomac, MD as well as in the ECNL league with Bethesda Soccer Club, is looking forward to a collegiate career in soccer.
Rena M. Reese
Before and after ACL repair surgical images
Rena M. Reese

Documenting her journey on video originally was intended to help other athletes who are undergoing ACL reconstruction. There are so many questions that athletes have before surgery such as the type of repair (Patella, hamstring, cadaver?) and during rehab. Kate found herself looking for information and positive examples on Youtube and found a lot of good information, but she wanted to know how athletes did not just in the days after surgery, but in their return to play.

This video gives the full picture from pre-op to Kate’s return to play. And, as a side note, Kate acknowledges that this video had a second benefit. Beyond helping others who are traveling a similar road to healing, this video helped Kate too. She recalls that it was good for her to be reminded just how far she had come, especially on the days that she wanted to be able to do more–sooner.