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Kate Middleton turns to extreme diet to stay slim and have better skin

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge on the balcony during during Trooping the Colour - Queen Elizabeth II's Birthday Parade, at The Royal Horseguards on June 14, 2014 in London, England.
Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

No one can deny that Kate Middleton already looks stunning. Despite being endlessly photographed, there's hardly a bad photo of her. It seems, however, that the Duchess of Cambridge thinks that she can be improved. The Daily Mail reported on Saturday, June 14, that the duchess has turned to an extreme diet because she believes that it will keep her slim and make her skin better.

The royal is reportedly going raw. According to a friend, Kate is turning to raw foods not so much because she wants to lose weight, since she already has the perfect figure, but more so to maintain her figure and to get more radiant skin. Kate is now apparently eating nothing but raw foods at least one day a week. Raw food proponents often claim that the raw food diet provides improved energy and healthier skin, hair, and nails because many foods contain higher levels of vitamins and nutrients in their natural state than when they're cooked.

So instead of cooked foods, Kate is enjoying raw dishes and foods such as watermelon salads, goji berries, tabbouleh, and gazpacho. Instead of drinking milk, which is pasteurized (heated) to kill harmful bacteria before it reaches customers, she's drinking almond milk. Another dish that she loves is ceviche, a dish of raw fish marinated in citrus and spices that's popular in South America. Kate is now believed to be four sizes smaller than when she was in university years ago, when she was a size ten.

Hopefully for Prince William, his wife still makes him his favorite meat pies and sits down to eat it with him. Grocery shopping and cooking are two things that Kate Middleton, despite being a top British royal, still prefers to do herself most of the time.

In 2011, one butcher in Anglesey, the Welsh town that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge lived in during his time with the RAF Valley, even reported that she came in after her wedding and bought meat and lamb's liver to make a meat pie and its accompanying gravy from scratch. A meat pie and gravy isn't exactly as body-conscious as a watermelon salad!

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