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Kate Middleton swoops down to pick up George's rejection: He wanted the Bilby

Kate Middleton very graciously picked up a stuffed bunny that her baby son, Prince George, quickly discarded after getting a look at a real bunny. Prince George came face to face with George the Bilby and his excitement from seeing this bunny-like creature started his arms and legs going in all different directions trying to get in closer. The Bilby, is a rat-like creature, which is Australia’s Easter Bunny, according to People Magazine on April 20.

Prince George was a handful for Kate and William trying to keep him from getting too close to the Bilby in the cage!
Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Kate and Prince William took George to the zoo for Easter and all eyes were on the royal baby. When the zoo presented George with a stuffed Bilby, he quickly whipped it away, landing behind him, his mom and dad. Kate swooped in to recover the discarded Bilby with her traditional smile turning into a chuckle over her son’s persistence of seeing the real Bilby. Check out Prince George in the video above doing his best to get close to the Bilby. Watch how Kate has all she can do to contain the excited future king when seeing his first Easter Bunny!

According to People Magazine on April 20, Prince George took over the limelight as he was being held by his mom, Kate. George was “squealing and gurgling” when he spotted the Bilby. He was going 100 mph with those legs and arms wriggling in excitement for the live Easter Bilby. He was a handful of energy causing his parents to take turns holding him, to give one another a break from the exertion that was needed to keep him in one place.

They had all they could do to restrain George from getting too close to the large bowl-like enclosure that housed the Bilby, whose name was also George. The couple spent part of the day showing George the sights of the Taronga Zoo in Sydney. The sight of this gorgeous baby pawing at the glass enclosure trying to get a hold of the Bilby is sure to put a smile on anybody’s face! It was just too cute!

When George was handed the stuffed Bilby and he threw it to the floor, dad stepped in to say, “He does love it honestly.” He said this as the crowd continued laughing over George, who seemed to convey they couldn’t fool him with a fake Bilby, he wanted the real deal that was in that glass cage!

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