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Kate Middleton news: Sipping a glass of wine closes the can of worms on rumors

Kate Middleton's glass of wine was a tell-tale sign for royal baby watchers.
Kate Middleton's glass of wine was a tell-tale sign for royal baby watchers.
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

Kate Middleton seems to have more stats kept on her than some of the world’s most famous athletes. While the fashion world keeps on eye on the many different outfits she sports, the royal baby watchers are watching her alcohol intake, or more specifically her wine intake. This week baby watchers thought they had evidence of a possible second baby on the way, but now they are not so sure.

This happen when she “avoided alcohol” on Thursday night when the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II was unveiled during their trip, according to Yahoo Celebrity News on April 12. Then when William was handed a wool shawl, which was commissioned by the New Zealand Government for Prince George, what he said really opened a can of worms for baby rumors.

William accepted the gift and said to the woman handing it to him, “You might have to make another one soon.” That did it, the baby watchers thought another baby was on the way. Then when the woman who presented the shawl to Prince William spoke with the press, she fueled the baby speculation even more. She said that Prince William sounded as if he letting her in on a secret and she felt he was purposely dropping a hint to her, which she in turn shared with the world, according to Hollywood Life.

They didn’t stop and take into consideration that Prince William might be referring to his son’s size and how he is growing in leaps and bounds. He could have been conveying that his son will soon be too big for the shawl. While folks would rather hear that a baby was on the way, the shawl comment, as it is famously known as today, stood for another royal heir, until another twist of fate materialized. Kate was offered wine and this time she took it, shutting the lid down tight on that can of worms that was previously opened by William.

When Kate was seen sipping red wine over the weekend that changed everything. That put a damper on the baby watchers of the royal set. Kate wouldn’t possibly take a few sips of wine while she is in the family way once again, would she? So far the world knows that Thursday Kate didn’t partake in spirits, but over the weekend she did.

It has to be tough having so many aspects of your personal life laid out in the media. They must have to watch every word they say. This was evident when William’s few words, “You might have to make another one soon,” translated into Kate and William expecting their second child soon. When Alison Pizzini, a former midwife, gushed with praises about Prince George, Kate joked and said “He can be a bit of a handful sometimes.” It is surprising that the headlines didn’t read Kate is finding motherhood difficult!

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