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Kate Middleton's secret agenda for month-long vacation: Speculation stirs online

Kate Middleton and Prince William are taking a long-extended vacation with Prince George in Scotland and with the rest of the royals there for the summer, this isn’t a vacation to get away from it all because they are all there with them. Speculation swirls online that Kate and William will take advantage of this time to put the romance wheels in motion with the goal of making George a big brother in mind, according to The Stir on August 1.

Kate Middleton and family's month-long Scotland vacation, is there something else going on behind the scenes? Is this a cover-up vacation?
Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

While that is always a possibility, another possibility could be that Kate and William have decided to get pro-active for an already pregnant Kate. If you remember back to when Kate was first pregnant with George, the reveal came weeks early because she was so sick with morning sickness that she was hospitalized.

The announcement was made because the royals found it very hard to keep Kate’s hospitalization a secret. At that time the decision was made that it was better for the truth to be known rather than keeping quiet, which would have set the stage for a flood rumors.

Could it be that Kate, who may possibly be pregnant already, is riding out any morning sickness away from the eyes of the public under the umbrella of a vacation in Scotland? Of course many mothers will tell you just because you get morning sickness with one pregnancy doesn’t necessarily mean the next pregnancy will follow suit.

According to the Medline Plus website, morning sickness, while very common, is also very unpredictable. You can have a bout of severe morning sickness with one pregnancy and nothing with your next pregnancy. You can also have no morning sickness with your first pregnancy and be riddled with it through all the rest.

There’s no predicting morning sickness, but most pregnant women will experience nausea, with a third of pregnant women experiencing vomiting at one time or another during their pregnancy. “Morning sickness usually begins during the first month of pregnancy and continues through the 14th to 16th week (3rd or 4th month),” according to Medline Plus.

Nausea and vomiting will stay with some women through their entire pregnancy. With the type of severe morning sickness that Kate experienced during her first pregnancy, it could be this trip is more of a precaution keeping Kate comfortable and calm early in her pregnancy.

Of course this is all speculation and Kate might be just doing what the royals have done every summer, which is vacation in Scotland. This year Kate and William are staying in their own summer home, with the Queen in her traditional summer digs in Balmoral. Prince Charles and Camilla are also vacationing in Scotland.

While The Stir suggests that; “This trip is a total cover-up for them trying to conceive, don't you think?” While this could very well be the case it could also be a place way for Kate to ride out some of the trimester that is most notorious for morning sickness. Don’t forget, these are the royals and they could have a full staff of medical folks with them to care for Kate just in case another bout of morning sickness hits her with this speculated pregnancy.

When all is said and done, the only fact in all of this is that poor Kate can't take a vacation without a hidden agenda being attached! Speculation from the public is all in a day's work in the life of a royal!

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