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Kate Middleton's privacy sold to highest bidder, photographer donates fees

Kate Middleton's privacy goes to the highest bidder
Kate Middleton's privacy goes to the highest bidder
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In a world where the words "Snowden", "privacy", and "security", are every day words, there is one family who will never experience the true freedom that comes with enjoying a quiet moment to themselves. This is a family who can't go on vacation together or even leave voicemails to each other without having to explain themselves to the entire world. In the same week that they were battling backlash over the infamous Kate Middleton "bum" photo, they were also dealing with a hacking scandal in court. Yahoo Canada reported on May 30 that the photographer of the infamous picture is now having "seller's remorse" and is donating all of the fees accumulated from the sale to the charity Blue Mountains Bushfire Mayoral Relief Fund. The New York Daily News also reported on May 31 that the Royal family has employed staff to ensure a similar incident never happens again.

But will this be enough?

The notion of privacy is something that is sacrificed upon entry into the Royal family, whether that is a sacrifice through birth or through destiny as in the case of Kate Middleton. Even so, that does not mean they completely relinquish all basic civil liberties in regards to the invasion of their personal space, a notion that the public too often forgets, in particular a member of the public named Diane Morel.

Until the world knew who the ironically named Diane Morel was, the world had not yet seen a picture of the future Queen's bare bottom. Diane Morel is a travel agent in Australia who was part of the crowds during the Royal Couple's most recent Australian tour. The Toronto Relationships Examiner reported on this tour, how clearly the Royal Couple were smitten with each other, and how loving and beautiful this family was.

Diane Morel, a passerby photographer saw a different side of the future Queen. Not only did she see a different side, but she published the side that she saw and sold the side that she saw to the highest bidder. The British press is very reluctant to publish anything that will scandalize their precious Royals, but the German press does not have that loyalty.

German magazine Bild published the bare bottom photos of the future Queen, and within hours it was all over the world. The photographer attempted to explain her Morel compass to The Daily Telegraph, "It wasn't until I got home and I popped my camera card into the computer that I realised what I had captured….Kate and William spent so much time speaking to the victims of the bushfires that I decided I would donate any money raised from the sale of the photo to the Blue Mountains Bushfire Mayoral Relief Fund."

Will that restore Morel's karmic debt and will that be enough? Kate Middleton likely has private opinions about that. Likely Prince William does himself. This would naturally be the case for any man who lost his mother due to the invasion of civil liberties that occurs when the public is willing to sell privacy to the highest bidder.

Before knowing who Diane Morel was, Kate Middleton, like any other mother, would be able to get on a helicopter while struggling to keep her 8-month-old baby in her arms with the freedom of only having to worry about her child, and not having to worry about what was happening behind her.

Now that Kate Middleton knows who Diane Morel and others just like her are, she needs to hire someone to follow her on her Royal excursions to make sure that never happens again, for multiple reasons. Not only did Kate have to deal with that invasion of privacy, but the actions of Diane Morel led to a backlash that Kate had to contend with in the middle of everything else she has to contend with.

Kate was immediately chided by The Daily Mail for example, who frequently publishes scandalizing photos, for not weighing down her skirts. In addition, the New York Daily News reports that she will never be able to get on a helicopter privately with her family again, as she has had to hire someone to make sure that any unforeseen accidents are managed appropriately and efficiently. This new Royal employee likely was with the Royal Couple on their recent tour to Scotland where their title is the Earl and Countess of Strathearn.

To some this is being speculated as a Royal luxury that does not deserve sympathy. To Kate? Likely, a Royal inconvenience.

This isn't the first, and likely won't be the last, time that the Royal Couple has had to fight their privacy invasions. When photos of Kate topless appeared in French publications the couple fought it in court and were quoted as being "deeply saddened" by the entire experience. They are fighting another privacy invasion in court at the time of press, over the Royal hacking of Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry, who had their voicemails hacked over 150 times.

When will it end? Many thought the invasive breaches would end after the death of Princess Diana, but this does not appear to be the case. In fact, in this digital era, it appears to have gotten much worse. As cool and collected as they come off, the entire situation likely terrifies Prince William and Prince Harry greatly. They are Royals, yes. But they are also humans that lost their mother at a very young age.

What do you think of the leaked bum photos situation or the leaked voicemails from the hacking scandal? Do you think that it is the monarchy's right to see those?

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