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Kate Middleton's phone hacked 155 times: Kate violated at crucial time in life

Kate Middleton's private chats weren't as private as she thought once finding out she was the main target of a media eavesdropper. This reveal is enough to shock and probably embarrass anyone. Kate's just learned that someone had been listening in on her very private calls, long before she said "I do" to her prince. Kate’s phone was hacked 155 times and William’s phone was hacked 35 times by an editor from the News of the World tabloid, which is now defunct.

Kate Middleton's phone hacked 155 times: What did they hear?
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The former editor, who handled the news of the royals, admits to these hacked calls, along with hacking Prince Harry's phone a total of nine times, according to Yahoo News on May 15. The zeroing in on Kate's phone, more so than the other royals, was done because of what was going on in her life, starting almost a decade ago.

Kate’s hacking started in 2005 when the editor tapped into her conversations on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. She was emerging as an important person in the royal family at the time.

According to News Max today, there were conversations before Kate and William were married. They centered around Kate settling down and getting married. She gained some royal status before she was married and this was also something that was discussed in these hacked phone calls.

Clive Goodman, the editor who was the perpetrator of these crimes, never disclosed this information before because he wasn’t asked. He now says that he hacked Kate and William a total of 180 times. This was during the time that Kate was integrating into the royal family before marriage. A time when meetings, questions and all types of protocols were on the table for Kate.

An archived article from E! Online reported what Diana had to go through before marrying Charles. She was checked out by the royal gynecologist. Some say it was to prove she was a virgin and others say it was for reproduction purposes, making sure she could have children.

While that might not have been the case for Kate, there were all types of things to learn and do before marrying in to the royal family. She certainly had plenty to talk about finding her royal footing. Were these type of things the hacker was fishing for? Even if Kate's calls were all about the weather and nothing else, this is still a massive invasion of her privacy, which would make anyone feel violated.

Goodman was jailed back in 2007 for phone hacking. Today he is facing fresh charges of hacking Kate, William and Harry. Goodman's charges also include conspiring to pay officials for royal phone directories and commit misconduct in a public office.

Kate was targeted because she was “becoming a figure of increasing importance to the royal family.” This was before Prince William and Kate were married. She was emerging in the media limelight during this time.

The couple married in 2011, but before this time the conversations hinged on “Prince William marrying, moving in, and settling down. She (Kate) started to receive semi-royal status and things were moving on,” said Goodman when talking about what he heard from the hacked phone calls.

He is one of several people facing these charges at trial, his co-workers Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson are also facing charges. These two are former World of the News executives.

When in court last time he said that Princess Diana gave him a book of royal directories, but this is the first time Kate, William and Harry’s name have come up for the phone hacking. This is also the first time he’s admitted to hacking any of the royal family members phone lines.

Back in March Goodman was deemed unfit to stand trial after he had a heart operation that was minor. He has not appeared in court since that time.

How embarrassing this must be for Kate to realize that someone was listening in on her private conversations. Even though it was years ago, it is still such an invasion of privacy and unfair to Kate, William and the entire royal family.

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