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Duchess Kate bodyguard: Bum 'minder,' a lady behind Kate pulling at her hem?

Kate Middleton's latest entourage member is a "minder" for her fly-away hemlines?
Photo by Mark Nolan/Getty Images

Kate Middleton's got a new bodyguard with a twist, as this female "minder" is said to be guarding a certain part of her body in the latest rumors swirling online today. A woman has been hired as a "minder" for Kate while out in the public so a swift wind doesn't uncover Kate's bum again. This is according to Elle Magazine, on June 2, when dishing out the latest on the online rumors.

One of the first questions that comes to mind is where does someone get a bum minder? As outrageous as it sounds, this is not the first time a celebrity has hired people for one specific tedious job. Lady Gaga hired two humans a few years back to walk on each side of her while wearing these nose bleed high heels. In case she stumbled, which she did, they were there to catch her or she could use them as her own instant railing.

Kate doesn't have a flamboyant bone in her body, so would she really go for hiring someone just to guard her rear end? Aren't you just a bit curious how one would go about advertising this job opening? What would the ad say? How would Kate show her the ropes, stand in front of a fan so this new employee could get some practice.

How would the ad read? Wanted: Female bum minder? Or would they be more subtle and hire a bodyguard and once they've found the perfect candidate they would let her know what part of the body she will be keeping an eye on? However they plan to go about tackling this bizarre bum guard hiring, it is hard to imagine Kate going along with this.

While Kate was down under and boarding a helicopter, a gust of wind from the rotors blew the skirt of her dress up to her waist exposing her bare bum cheek. This one second flash of her undercarriage suggested that she was either not wearing underwear or that she was sporting a thong. A photographer captured the picture and sold it to a tabloid publication based in Germany.

It took only a matter of minutes before folks got their first gander of Kate's bare bum once the picture was posted online. This of course was an embarrassment to Kate and the Royal Family. The photographer who took the picture regrets selling the photo and wishes she had destroyed it. She took the money she earned from the sale of the bare bum photo and is donating it to charity, but the damage is done.

Bustle also reports that Kate's getting a "female minder." This hem watcher will go shopping and on royal engagements with Kate. One would think that part of her job would be to get the wind predictions from the weather report each day, but maybe not. So is it "mum's the word" or "bum's" the word on this new minder, who will be trailing behind Kate soon?

Kate's topless photos were another scandalous time for the Royal Family and Kate was an innocent victim in that incident. She was at a private home with only her husband around. Her privacy was invaded by a peeping Tom with a powerful camera lens.

This time around Kate was out in public with cameras going when the wind exposed her undercarriage. In this incident, Kate had to shoulder some of the blame. She could have guarded against this possibility, as there are a few ways to remedy a skirt flying in the wind.

The first fashion tip was from the Queen's fashion book, which is to weigh down the hems. The Queen uses lead weights, like the type used by fishermen to weigh down their bait. She has them sewn into her hems to guard against a stiff breeze.

Then there is the choice of wearing big panties to cover the unmentionables. If your skirt does fly away, at least you are covered. So the world sees some sexy old lady drawers, this is better than a bare bum if you are a royal.

Someone mentioned it is time for Kate to wear a slip, but wouldn't that just take flight along with the skirt. Isn't a slip something to give you an extra layer of material when your skirt or dress is see-through?

Elle offers up a visual for your mind's eye on Kate's new "minder." She will be the woman standing behind Kate and "intermittently tugging at Kate's hem" and singing "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!" She won't be hard to miss!

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