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Kate Middleton’s bare butt picture draws ire; compared to Rihanna, Kate Upton

Duchess of Cambridge's wardrobe malfunction captures headlines
Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Kate Middleton’s bare butt pictures have drawn the attention of the masses as the Duchess of Cambridge had a wardrobe malfunction. The royal subject was shown all too exposed with over the intense paparazzi taking endless photos of the woman. According to US Weekly on Tuesday, the Marilyn Monroe moment was published by a German newspaper and the image has gone viral.

The Royal family hasn't spoken out about this latest scandal, but no doubt there is outrage over the incident. The photo shows the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William looking to depart on their helicopter during their tour of Australia last month. Wind from the helicopter propellers lifted Kate’s dress and a photographer took the shot. It is another attempt to make Kate Middleton look bad, but it might be having the opposite action.

While fans of the Royal couple are outraged as well, they also are comparing notes. Looking at Kate Middleton’s backside and comparing it to other celebrities. Of course the obvious comparison is Kim Kardashian and after a side-by-side armchair similarity, it appears that Middleton definitely has won the competition.

There are other stars who people have been asking if who has a better butt. Lining up celebrities like Rihanna, Kate Upton, Nicki Minaj, Jessica Alba and others it appears the question of who has the better butt depends on the personal preference.

The Kate Middleton’s bare butt pictures would not have the fans so obsessed if our pop culture fanatics and star hunting authorities would stop pointing out flaws. Everyone has got a butt, yet to hear them talk there are some that are better than others making a comparison required.

Unfortunately for the Duchess of Cambridge, the incident has left her bare backside up for debate and that seems so barbaric. And it still leaves the entire issue of why this picture was released when she wasn't all covered up.

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