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Kate Middleton: Royal fashionista recycles military look

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, maiden name Kate Middleton, stayed true to her conscious and cleverly thought out recycling of previously worn fashion designer looks while visiting Bletchley Park, England on Wednesday, June 18, 2014. Middleton is no fashion dummy and her effort to wear the classic and traditionally inspired looks created for her by Sarah Burton (Alexander McQueen) send a very savvy stylistic message to those watching her every move. Middleton’s apparel choices seem to be an outward personal statement of her inner values. In other words, Kate will have the last say about who she is as a princess and how she wants her adoring public to perceive her day-to-day fashion finesse. Fashion translation that means classic, traditional and well-worn like a polished shiny copper penny or gold brass buttons.

Kate Middleton recycles military style
Photo by WPA Pool/Getty Images

Yes, gold brass buttons in uniform style sewn on the military colors of navy and white are common fashion themes for Kate. On many occasions whether casual or formal Kate has selected the military-esque trendy style. In fact, it is the norm for Kate to wear her favorite navy and white striped nautical tee, double breasted navy dress coat with gold brass button by Alexander McQueen, navy blazers and more. Prince William (Her husband) afterward all will be King of England one day, Commander and Chief of the United Kingdom military forces.

Huffington Post Canada Staff reporter wrote, “The polished Duchess was dressed in a military-inspired navy blue high-waisted skirt and a matching long sleeve white and navy blouse by Alexander McQueen — her second McQueen outfit in the last few days. The royal mom first wore her skirt and top combo during a visit to Birmingham in August 2011.

During Middleton’s tour of the restored WWII Code breaking Huts at Bletchley Park she listened to a Morse code message using a replica radio, with event manager Steve Lumby and she reminisced with veteran Lady Marion Body, who knew her Grandmother. The pre-fabricated wooden huts that housed the secret Government code breaking school during WWII, where encrypted messages sent by the Navy, Army and Air Forces of Germany and its allies were decrypted, translated and analyzed for vital intelligence, have undergone a yearlong restoration.

Entertainment reporter Heather Tooley for wrote, “Duchess Kate chose the white double-breasted top and navy pencil skirt from McQueen’s Pre-Fall 2011 collection. Middleton paired the look with a clutch and a pair of navy court heels.”

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