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Kate Middleton: Questionable royal baby buzz is blaring

Pregnancy rumors are becoming a favorite pass time for royal gossips. They have been squinting in hopes of seeing a second Kate Middleton baby bump. Their wish may be coming true. It is being reported that Kate Middleton’s former friend, Jessica Hay, has revealed that there is another baby on the way. As the Sydney Morning Herald noted on July 15, 2014, “the tabloids are in a tizz.” While news from the United States and abroad heats up, the palace remains mum over the pregnancy news.

A second baby on the way
Photo by Chris Jackson

However on July 14, 2014, Vogue Australia reported that they were sifting through the various rumors claiming, “Kate Middleton is pregnant.” They are citing Hay as a source. Most remember her as the woman who correctly spilled the beans about the first baby two weeks before the royal announcement.

Why does Jessica Hay seem credible?

It was in December 2012 that you read here that the baby buzz was not going away. The tabloids were talking about parenting and a Christmas baby announcement. The gossip all stemmed from a former school friend of Kate's, Jessica Hay, as Entertainmentwise and Female First initially reported. We began hearing about baby news ever since the royal wedding, but it heated up in December. We wondered then if Hay continued to blab if she would be banished from the inner circle.

By the next day, ABC News reported an official palace announcement noting that "'The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very pleased to announce that The Duchess of Cambridge is expecting a baby.'" That was back in 2012. What about now? Is it all just gossip or is the little Prince George about to have a brother or a sister?

What’s the real story?

Is the Duchess of Cambridge really expecting? As always we await news from the palace. However, the rumors will continue. Some sources are suggesting that Kate’s sister, Pippa, may have inadvertently spoken out of turn. But thus far, the news is swirling through news and tabloid sources including the National Enquirer, which has been questionable.

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