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Kate Middleton pregnant with baby girl? Princess Diana name, Duchess 'convinced'

Is Kate Middleton pregnant with a second baby girl — who’s already being called a little princess by the media — and hiding her baby bump? A close source from the palace this week has reinforced earlier claims from a childhood friend of Kate that the Duchess of Cambridge is indeed expecting again. Some rumors are alleging the daughter might even be named Princess Diana in honor of her late grandmother. Classicalite News has revealed this Wednesday, July 23, 2014, that there is “confirmation” of a baby princess arriving, and photos of the royal figure starting to show are present to prove it.

Kate Middleton pregnant again and hiding her princess baby bump?
Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

While Prince William and Kate Middleton may still have their hands full being British royalty and managed their one-year-old baby boy, Prince George, it looks like another bundle of joy is on the way. The young prince might soon have a little sister to play with, as only a couple of weeks after the Duchess of Cambridge’s close friend, Jessica Hay, confirmed that Kate was pregnant again this July 14, a new rumor has emerged that it’s going to be a baby girl.

Tabloid reporters have been vying for well over a month trying to get a telltale photo of Kate starting to show off her baby bump, with little concrete success. Yet Hollywood Life is arguing this week that the royal figure’s fashionable attire is particularly intended to hide her growing belly for at least a few more weeks. Nonetheless, with “confirmed” talk of a little girl already in the works, it seems there is little use for the hiding game at this point in time. Naming the new princess Diana is also being thrown out as a definite possibility, though there’s no evidence the Duke and Duchess have even considered it yet.

Apparently, Kate Middleton might be keeping the news on the down low when it comes to the media at large, but has opened up about her excitement to be a mom to a new baby girl with some of her close family and friends. A report from Life & Style reveals that the Duchess of Cambridge is “convinced” her hunch of having a princess is going to be right.

“She feels different this time around, and is convinced they’re having a girl,” an insider close to the royal couple shared with the national news magazine. “They’re both excited.”

The palace source also noted that Prince William is “looking forward” to welcoming a new baby to the royal family, while the Duchess is ultimately “eager to have a daughter” after having some quality time with Prince George in just over a year. It seems that this focus on having a sibling for young George is especially important to Kate due to her close relationship with her own sister, 30-year-old Pippa Middleton.

While insiders are claiming that the forthcoming baby bump photos are “confirmed proof” that Kate Middleton is expecting, it remains to be seen whether the royal child will indeed be a girl. What’s more, having a new baby brings to mind another key question — what will the princess be named? Some people are already thinking Princess Diana might be a popular choice after William’s deceased mother, as it would also pay tribute to the royal line.

“If it’s a girl, the name would have to be Diana, wouldn’t it?” the late Princess Diana’s close friend, Marie Sutton, recently shared with the news outlet.

Do you believe that Kate Middleton is pregnant again? If so, do you agree that a little girl is on the way, and that the early baby bump photos are suggesting that this little princess might arrive in late 2014 or early 2015? If the royal couple does welcome a new child to the family, what do you think she should be named? Sound off below.

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