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Kate Middleton pregnant with babies number 2 and 3, twin girls? Wow if for real

Is Kate Middleton and Prince William expecting an addition to their little family? The latest reports have Kate pregnant with twin girls, and she can't wait to "dress them up." The reports start with one tabloid, so take this with a grain of salt until the real news comes down the line from the palace.

Kate Middleton pregnant with twin girls, real or rumor?
Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Nothing at all has come from the royals addressing this reported pregnancy yet, according to Classiclite on May 24. The website’s article headline reads “Palace Confirms Princess Kate Middleton Pregnant with Twin Girls,” but this is all coming from a recent report in OK Magazine, who even cites a photo of Kate that is said to show a baby bump.

The Huffington Post has also run a story on Kate’s reported second pregnancy, which is also based on an article from OK Magazine. Supposedly Kate’s already put on 10 lbs. of “mommy weight,” she's craving cookies” and she “can’t wait to dress them up!”

William on the other hand is the one who reportedly revealed that their second baby is now baby two and three, as Kate is carrying twins. This isn’t the first time Kate was reported to be carrying twins, when she was pregnant with George, a twin scenario was swirling around in the online world.

It stands to reason that Kate and William will have another baby and probably soon, but is this the real-deal this time? According to reports Kate and William are not the only ones overly excited about this news, the Queen is beside herself to have some princesses born into the family.

She has jewels upon jewels that she will need to pass down one day. Now that she will have twin granddaughters she will be able to shower them with all the jewels as part of their inheritance. While she has plenty of princesses now, these little girls, if this report is true, will be closer in direct line to the throne than the others.

This story about Kate being pregnant again and carrying twins broke a few days ago. If this was the real-deal, you would think that Kate and William would stop all the gossip and officially announce the pregnancy. They haven’t done this, so this could be one of the many rumors that are sure to roll out on Kate’s second pregnancy until she really is pregnant again.

After Kate and William were married, the pregnancy rumors seemed to surface every month until the inevitable happened, Kate really did get pregnant. This could just be the start of the second round of wishful thinking, with the news of twins surfacing this time around!

What do you think, would the news of a new royal birth on the way be trusted to a tabloid for revealing this to the world? Or would Kate and William be the ones announcing the up-and-coming addition or additions to their family?

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