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Kate Middleton pregnant: Prince William suggests Duchess Kate is pregnant again

Kate Middleton
Photo by Rob Jefferies/Getty Images

Is Kate Middleton pregnant? On April 12, Us Weekly reported that Prince William dropped what sounded like a major hint regarding his (potential) second child. While on tour in New Zealand with his wife and their son, Prince George, William greeted locals and accepted gifts -- and when he received one particular gift from a woman in Cambridge, he said something that suggested he and Duchess Kate would soon be welcoming another child.

According to the report, Prince William was given a hand-made wool shawl for Prince George and when he thanked the woman, he said something interesting. "You might have to make another one soon," William allegedly told the woman. While this could mean that he and Kate are already planning on baby #2, it could also mean something else. William could have been referring to the growing size of his adorable son.

If Kate Middleton is pregnant, she isn't showing yet -- not even close. She has been parading her gorgeous svelte figure all over New Zealand, not looking the least bit pregnant. Chances are, if she was only a month or two pregnant, Prince William wouldn't have said anything. And then of course there is always that chance that the woman misheard William -- or that she made the story up for media attention (success!).

As People Magazine points out, Prince William said that one baby is "enough for now" about a month ago. While it seems clear that he and Kate Middleton will have more children, Prince George is only 8-months-old. Perhaps another pregnancy will come in about a year... but probably not now. When do you think another royal baby will be on the way?

When Kate Middleton is pregnant (officially), the palace will make a formal announcement. As was when the royal couple were expecting their first child, there was an official announcement made when Kate was about three months along. The world will be elated for the royal family but no one expects any official news any time soon. It's super fun just watching Prince George grow and the world seems content with that... for now.

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