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Kate Middleton photographed with George and Prince William's former nanny

Kate Middleton spotted in London with Jessie Webb
Kate Middleton spotted in London with Jessie Webb
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New details are emerging today (Wednesday) about Kate Middleton's pit stop at a London McDonalds on Tuesday. New photos of Kate Middleton published by the New York Daily News all but confirm not only has a royal nanny been brought on board to help care for George, but she is none other than Prince William's former nanny, Jessie Webb. The Duchess of Cambridge was photographed with Webb in the parking lot of the fast food restaurant where it's reported she stopped to feed him on her way to Kensington Palace.

The Royal Baby Blog reported several weeks ago that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge approached Ms. Webb about coming out of retirement to help with George. The new photos suggest the 71 year old has taken the coveted job just as the family returns to London.

Ms. Webb, who never married or had children of her own, is described as very discreet and well liked. Despite being fired by Princess Diana, Prince William and Prince Harry continued to keep in touch with their nanny.

Kate Middleton and Prince William were insistent on not hiring a royal nanny, but sources claim other royal mothers and those close to the duchess pushed her to hire help. Carole Middleton helped with care for George in the first weeks of her life, but with Cambridges now moving back to London it appears Jessie Webb will be the primary nanny.