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Kate Middleton painted as irate wife and meddling sister-in-law, really?

  Kate Middleton painted as irate wife, meddling sister-in-law.
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Kate Middleton is painted today as an irate wife who is furious at her husband for partying with his newly single brother. She is also being painted as the person who had a big hand in the breakup of Harry and Cressida Bonas, Harry’s girlfriend of the last few years, according to The Inquisitr on May 3.

Kate Middleton’s life was a turn-off for Bonas and Kate was more than honest with her about how demanding royal life can be. These reports are making Kate sound a bit tyrannical, when chances are this is not the case.

Kate and William’s private life is sacred and one would expect that they would have husband and wife spats from time to time. This doesn’t mean that they would share this with the public. According to The Inquisitr, William and Harry were photographed at Guy Pelly’s wedding, “both of them looking quite drunk.”

The website Celeb Dirty Laundry turned it up a few notches saying “Kate Middleton goes insane” when William turns into “total party animal” when he went to the Memphis wedding of a friend with Harry. Celeb Laundry suggests that William getting drunk in public got Kate awfully hot under the collar, but there are no reports of William acting drunk or doing something even mildly inappropriate.

This is what supposedly got Kate upset at William. If Kate and William did have an argument, they are going to do it out of earshot of others, so how the rumor of Kate being irate got started is anyone’s guess. As far as Kate discouraging Harry’s girlfriend for becoming a royal, that is also hard to believe.

Kate looks genuinely happy. A few times during her recent trip to New Zealand and Australia she looked a bit apprehensive when people crowded around Prince George, but she’s never shown a mad or even an unhappy face in public.

Kate waited so long to marry Prince William and she knew what royal life would entail long before she said “I do,” so it is hard to believe she would discourage true love from going forward into marriage. If Bonas couldn’t handle royal life, chances are it is not because of Kate’s example.

Rumors circulated that Harry dumped Bonas because she was “too needy.” Harry has squashed those rumors saying that his ex-girlfriend was anything but too needy. If anyone was needy in the relationship it was Harry. He said he needed her more than she needed him.

Harry has said in the past that it is hard to find the right girl and then have her go along with all the expectations of royal life. Gone are the days of every little girl wanting to grow up to be a princess.

Being a princess in the royal family today is not an easy gig, but as seen with Kate, true love conquers all. She loved William and was willing to live the royal way of life to be with him. It could just be that Harry hasn’t found that person yet who is willing to do the same for him.

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